Bridal Babble: Things I wish I could tell others about planning our wedding

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh hello, bridal stress.
I am so incredibly thrilled to be getting married. 

That being said, this week is kicking my @$$. Between the end of the second trimester at school (and projects and finals galore to grade) and being just two months out from our big day, I'm about 97% bonkers at this point. Case in point: I'm so exhausted, I just ate peanut butter on semi-stale tortilla chips for dinner. 


There are so many things I wish people knew about planning our wedding. There are so many things I wish I could explain in a way that makes sense. So, here they are, in no particular order.

1. I TOTALLY get now why people hire wedding planners. At the beginning of this process, I would have laughed at the suggestion to hire a wedding planner. I'm Type-A. I'm organized. I'm on top of things. Holy crap, I'm in over my head. There are so many decisions to make! Daily! About every little thing! And I worry that I'm forgetting really major things. So, while we're doing it ourselves, I can totally understand why the draw to hire another person to make the decisions is there. 

2. Wedding planning becomes all consuming these last few months. What music do we want played before the ceremony? After? How do we want tables arranged? And how many at a table? What day are we going to pick up our marriage license? And who do we put in charge of getting it to the church the day of the wedding? These all came to me in the last three seconds. So. Many. Details! It makes it hard to ever have a moment of total relaxation.

3. If we could, we would literally invite every person we've ever interacted with. Whether you've been a major part of our lives for years or you once held the door open for me at the post office, I would invite everyone ever if we could. But we can't. And that stinks. But as anyone who's ever planned a wedding knows, there are limitations. 

4. We love children. We really do. But being that we're 30, many, many, MANY of our family members and friends have children. So, to add all the children in, we'd be adding another 50-75ish people to that list. So we've opted for a child-free wedding so that we can enjoy the day with as many people as possible. Again, we hope everyone realizes that there are limitations, but it doesn't mean we love children any less! 

5. When I think about having all the people we love together in one space, it literally overwhelms me to the point of tears. Truly, when will this ever happen again? When will we have a room full of the people nearest and dearest to our hearts? Probably never ever! And I literally can't wait for that moment. 

6. While I can't wait for that moment, there is a part of me that is ready to have the wedding be over and just be married to Dan. I am literally over the moon excited for our wedding day! I can't wait to walk down the aisle, say "I do," and spend the night celebrating with everyone we care about. But there is a part of me that is just ready to get to a few days after the wedding when we can just be husband and wife and enjoy that. Because while I love the party, I really love the thought of having my husband forever. :)


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