Snowmaggedon 2014: Combating cabin fever

Monday, January 6, 2014

Night fall, January 5
Early afternoon, January 6

Snowmaggedon 2014 continues to barrel down on the state of Indiana. For one, it's currently -34 degrees with the windchill. For two, we got somewhere around 23 inches of snow in 24 hours. While the sun is shining beautifully right now, ain't nobody goin' anywhere for the foreseeable future. 

And I will admit, at this point, I'm going a wee-bit stir crazy. I've made every attempt to enjoy my household, tackle projects, and embrace the inside of my humble abode, but knowing I'll be stuck here at least another day (we've cancelled school for tomorrow) makes me feel a little bit like a shut in. 

So here is my next random list of things to do while you're stuck inside too. 

1. Vacuum by the washer and dryer. Seriously, does anybody ever do this? The area near ours is full of lint pieces that have fallen by the wayside. 

2. While the vacuum is already out, tackle those pesky stairs. Ugh. Stair vacuuming is the WORST. Nothing like trying to suck up dirt from individual platforms while trying to keep an object from falling on you or down the stairs. 

Now that the cleaning is out of the way...

3. Watch any movie that is located in a warm climate. Seriously, pick anything where there isn't snow on the ground and have at it. Heck, even go so far as imagining yourself there... unless it's the desert or a country western shoot out. 

4. Make any recipe that you already have the ingredients for. Last night, we made this awesome one pot Chicken Risotto. Super easy and delicious. Today, we have pulled pork going in the Crock Pot (the whole house smells like yum) and we'll be having sandwiches on Dan's homemade pretzel buns. Oh yes, the man made pretzel buns. Have I mentioned that I love him?! I can't find the exact recipe he used, but this one from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is similar, and gives you a nice story about how 2013 was the year of the pretzel bun (who knew?!)! 

Ready and waiting! 
5. If you're still bored after doing all of these things, check out this blog to see her 50 ideas for some snow day fun. 

  • What are YOU doing today to beat cabin fever? 


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