Combating the person shaped dent in the couch

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On the bright side: 
-The sun is shining
-It's officially one degree outside. 
-There is still a possibility that we will actually go to school this week. 
-We are inching ever closer to February, which means we're inching closer to spring. 

Trying to keep the positivity up and the negativity at bay. So far, it's sort of working! 

On Sunday, Dan and I made the trek up to Wedding Belles to pick out the outfits for the men in the wedding party and to pick up our wedding invitations (perfect!). We also got to see the bridesmaid dresses, and oh yes, I am totally in love with them! The color, the style... total perfection! I can't wait to see the whole wedding come together. We're almost in double digit days until the wedding, which is unreal! I think the next 102 days are going to fly!

I've also been trying to combat the Angela-shaped dent that I could be making in the couch with a bunch of different workouts (thank YOU, Pinterest). Lately, Pop Sugar has been my go to workout maker (besides Jazzercise, of course). It's been a fun and different way to change up the routine. Some new favorites include the 10-minute Plyometric Dance workout, the 5-minute Plyometric workout, and the 20-minute Tabata workout. They're short enough that it doesn't feel like a big time commitment, but when I put them back to back, it's a nice change of pace every few minutes. 

Do you have any go to snow day activities? Next up is addressing wedding invitations (!!!) and starting a new book, but I'd like to have something else a little more active in place in case that doesn't keep the antsy-ness at bay. 


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