2014 Fitness Focus: Strengthening (i.e. I want Michelle Obama's arms)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The past... several years, I've had a major emphasis on cardio. In 2005, I started Jazzercising five or six days a week, and that continued until I started running in 2009. Then I cut back to three or four Jazzercise classes a week and a few runs mixed in there too. But lately, I've sort of just... stopped... seeing any great changes in my body. I'm still doing a ton of cardio, but I'm noticing that since hitting 30, things are changing, and not necessarily the way I'd like them to. 

Enter strength training. 

Helllllo, strength training! So lovely to see you! My Fitness Focus for 2014 is going to be on strength training. I'll still make time for Jazzercise (of course, because it will always be my first exercise love) and running (Day 11 of #RWRunStreak and still going!), but I think it's time to try something different. I'm kind of over cardio at this point, and need something fresh and new. 

Additionally, let's just be honest, I want to have Michelle Obama arms for the wedding. 

Get it, girl. 
What bride doesn't want to look totally cut at her wedding? This one certainly does, so that's the goal. Between my normal cardio, some weights at home, a few butt kickings at barre, and the help of my favorite trainer Janet, I have a feeling it's going to be a great year with a lot of muscle burning awesomeness! 

For now, a few of my favorite workouts I've been doing off of Pinterest. I like that I can do that at home when I have time, and typically with just a set of dumbbells (I don't have a bosu or exercise ball, so I just modify those exercises into something I can do with what I have!).

Pop Sugar Five Minute Arms Workout will kick the beejeezus out of your arms if your weights are heavy enough! 

Women's Health Total Body Workout is a great overall body toner. I've only done two rounds of it at a time so far, and that's been more than enough! 

Victoria's Secret Ab Workout I mean... it's a given that this is going to hurt. And it's also a given that I will never have the abs of a VS model. But that's okay. 

The Katniss Everdeen Workout I haven't done this workout yet, but it's got to rock, because it's Katniss Everdeen! 


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