Wedding Wednesday: Why our checklist is the devil

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The longer we go through the wedding planning process, the more I'm learning about numbers. Naturally, there are those big, scary numbers (like, the fact that HALF the reception bill was due over the weekend, or the scary number that my fabulous florist Polly showed me and my mom last night), but beyond that, there are a whole lot more numbers. Like, when I log in to our gift registry, and it tells me daily how many days we have until the wedding (as of today, 178). 

Then then, there's the devil checklist, otherwise known as TheKnot.com. Now, I'm not knocking The Knot. They have a great checklist (even if some of it is obsolete or repetitive). But I get mildly panicked when I log in only to find that we're overdue... on, like, twelve different things. According to their checklist, we're supposed to have our entire honeymoon booked (plane tickets, hotels, and itinerary), finalized our invitation wording (oh, and ordered the invites), and taken care of our menu and ceremony music. 

Umm, yes, we've done none of that so far. 

While I'm normally a giant fan of checklists, I'll be the first to admit that this one stresses me out a little bit. There are some things we just can't do yet, for various reasons, but seeing that little red clock or gray exclamation mark next to the item on the list makes me nuts! Ugh! 

But enough complaining. 

Today, I'm grateful for: 
1. A positive report from the doctor's office (all is well in my Rheumatoid Arthritis world!)! 
2. A super productive snow day yesterday! 
3. Any show on TLC AND my friend Dr. Phil 
4. Pinterest. How did we plan anything before it? 
5. A warm up on its way (I'm not ready for this winter stuff!)


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