A November challenge

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Years ago, my fitness inspiration, Janet, challenged many of her gym-goers to eat completely clean for the month of November (with, the exception, of course, of that gluttonous day we like to call Thanksgiving). Although it was definitely a challenge for me, I LOVED the changes that were made to my body, and loved the way I felt. But, eating clean became more difficult, and slowly many of those processed foods made their way back into my life (Diet Coke, I'm looking at you). I still try to eat well, but there are times where I completely and utterly fail. 

This November, Janet has a new challenge for us. It focuses on doing a TON of planks throughout the month, and she's also posting daily tips on her Facebook page. If you want to partake too, use the calendar below, OR, follow Janet on Facebook (Janet Nevills). Today's challenge was to hold a plank for as long as we could. I made it about a minute and a half with solid form, but I know it will improve over the next few weeks! (I'm also thinking it would have been better to do the plank BEFORE my morning run. Lesson learned!)

Today I am grateful for: 
1. Coffee and conversation with my dad this morning. We don't get to do that much, and I SO enjoyed it. 
2. Freshly laundered sheets (is there anything better?!)
3. A meal with our good friends Samantha and Rob tonight
4. Runners, especially our LPHS students who placed SO WELL at state today
5. The power of prayer


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