A recapitulation of the past few weeks

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oh bother. Where have I been? Well, I have no good excuse... except that it's been busy! We had company in town last weekend, and we were off to Philadelphia this weekend, so it's been a busy few weeks of loved ones and traveling. 

Last weekend was our annual Saint Mary's tailgate reunion. SUCH a fun time being with my college friends, enjoying some football, and relaxing in sweats while we watched the ND game at home. On Sunday, the ladies left, and my mom and I headed to the Century Bride Expo at Century Center. This was my first bridal expo as an actual bride. I've been at them plenty of times with friends or for Jazzercise demos, so it was fun to actually be there to see if there were any services we still needed. My favorite part, though, was that RANDY FENOLI from Say Yes to the Dress and Randy to the Rescue was there and gave a presentation! Seriously, he's the best! You can tell what you see on TV is the real Randy, and he truly just wants all brides to see their beauty. I tweeted at him before his presentation, and during it, he mentioned me, and called me his BFF! Love him! 
Randy Fenoli, my new BFF

This past week was a lot of prepping to get ready for our trip to Reading and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I still hadn't met Dan's grammy, and we wanted to make sure I did so before the wedding. We left on Wednesday after school, and stopped overnight in Ohio before making the rest of the journey. I hadn't been to Pennsylvania in years, and as soon as we got there, my ears started popping, and my Pennsylvania question accent came back. It's a Pennsylvania thing! 

While we were there, I got to meet grammy and Dan's cousin Vanessa, her husband, Dan, and their baby, Aurora. We also got to visit with Dan's family who had been out here in August, which was so nice! The Putts are a great group of people. Lots of laughter, lots of love, and lots of delicious food. We pretty much ate our faces off. Fabulous. 

Dan and me at the Yuengling Brewery

On Saturday, Dan and I took a side trip to Philadelphia. I had never been before, and there's so much awesome history there, I couldn't resist being that close. We just finished studying Deism in my Junior Honors English class, so walking in the same places as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry was pretty amazing. We got to see the Liberty Bell, The U.S. Mint, Benjamin Franklin's grave, Independence Hall, the site of the original presidents' house (underground, and recently discovered), and the home of Betsy Ross. On our way out of town, there was one more place I wanted to stop and it turned out to be SO INCREDIBLY COOL! We went to Edgar Allan Poe's home (he lived there when he wrote The Raven and The Black Cat) and got to see all the rooms. AMAZING! 

The Liberty Bell

I am a literary geek and I don't care. I freakin' loved this place. 

Two champs!
Seriously wonderful trip. Now we're gearing up for a very busy week. Between work, meetings, Jazzercise, Halloween, and errands, there will be a lot happening. Bring it on! 


  1. Love your blog sweetie! I reread it often. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a terrific daughter like you.
    Love you bunches.

  2. Thanks, momma! Love you bunches!


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