The great body shift

Monday, August 12, 2013

A funny thing happened when I turned 25. Everything sort of... shifted. I remember waking up one day and feeling like things were just... saggier. Shortly thereafter, I found running, and everything sort of fell into place. 

And now I'm 30. And things are shift-y again. 

I don't really know how to describe it. My weight hasn't changed very much in the past few years, but things just don't seem to be sitting where they used to. Things are moving, people. Anyone know what I mean? 

I can attribute this to a couple different things. 

One, around the time of my birthday, I stopped teaching the Jazzercise Body Sculpt class. While I'm still teaching the same amount of times every week, I'm doing more cardio and less strength training. 

Two, I've been running less. Since my year of 500 miles, I haven't focused much on the mileage, and just tried to get a few good runs in every week. Sometimes that means, like, two miles. But two is better than zero. 

Three, I'm THIRTY now.  I'm way far away from my eat anything and never gain a pound teenage years. 

Dan and I have decided it's time to clean up our diets. No more junk can be brought in the house. If we want ice cream or other junk, we have to go out to get it, and, let's face it, that often takes a LOT of motivation, especially after a long day. I'm hoping that, coupled with more strength and a running schedule I can actually stick to will help things shift back. I'd like to feel less junk in the trunk and a little more muscle heading into wedding time (t-minus nine months!)! 


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