Five miles of suck

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Although I got in a lot of runs in Missouri, I haven't been running... at all... since I got home. This morning, Dan and I decided to head out on a five mile run. Or, five miles of suck. 

Let's go over what we did wrong: 
1. We started too late (9:30 a.m.).
2. We overdressed (it was cloudy and in the 60s when we left and sunny and in the 70s when we finished).
And perhaps, worst of all, 
3. We didn't take any water (and, as a person who doesn't go to the grocery store without a water bottle, I should've known this was going to be a problem). 

We decided to run slowly so that we wouldn't putter out early on in the run. The first mile and a half felt really great. But as we approached mile two, I felt myself getting really thirsty. I told Dan if there was a sprinkler we ran past, I was going to run through it with an open mouth. He laughed. I was serious. 

During mile three, I contemplated picking up a discarded water bottle on the side of the road and risking a few sips of whatever was in it. I declined, though. 

During mile four, I got a serious case of the grumps. Dan was trying to encourage me. I returned his support with grumpiness. Great. 

When we finished mile five, I was just happy to be done. It was not a pretty run. But maybe the next one will be. 


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