What's better than a casino and beer? Running too!

Monday, July 1, 2013

About a month ago, my friend Roberta told me she had seen an advertisement for a fun run at The Game, a restaurant in Blue Chip casino. Every other Tuesday, they were partnering to sponsor a free fun run. The first run was three weeks ago, so Bert and I decided to check it out. 

We had a total blast! The run literally starts at the entrance to the casino and weaves through Michigan City before heading down to the water, and running almost a half mile in the sand along the shoreline (oh, hello there, leg workout!). After leaving the beach, the course weaves back to the casino and finishes at the entrance. THEN you get to go inside and enjoy $2 Summer Shandy beers. AND prizes. :D

During week one, Roberta was the big winner (to be fair, there were about 12 whole runners, so we all won something)! It was a beer drinker's delight! T-shirts, water bottles, coozies, a cooler, and beach ball (complete with pump!)! 

Bert and her swag
Week two was an entirely different story. Word had reached the masses that a fun, free run (with PRIZES) was in the area, and our small group of a dozen jumped to, like, 35. Harumph. So, off we went on our run, and at approximately mile 1.5, the skies opened up, and completely POURED on us. Oh bother. What's a girl to do but run back to the casino? So, that we did. In the pouring, pouring rain. And yet, we still stayed for our $2 Summer Shandys. 

Water logged. Seriously. 
Roberta won another t-shirt, I won big fat nothing, but it was still fun to be running along the lakeshore while getting completely pelted with raindrops. 

There are two more runs left, but both of us will miss one due to being out of town. But these runs have been so fun because they're untimed, with a friend, and a change up in my normal paths. Can't wait until next Tuesday! 


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