Wedding Wednesday: Finding THE dress and cake, baby

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last Saturday, my mom and I drove back to Wedding Belles for round two of wedding dress shopping. My dad joined us this time, because we thought another opinion might be helpful. My consultant's name was Juli, and I could tell she was determined to help me find the absolute perfect dress. 

The first thing Juli had me do was put my previous number one contender back on, just to make sure it really wasn't the one. I put it on, and really liked it, but knew it wasn't it. Part of the problem is that it reminded me A LOT of my high school prom dress. Take a gander: 

Oh, hi, me and and my soon-to-be Maid of Honor, Prom 2000 (and, yes, I took a picture of a picture, because I'm classy like that (and yes, I thought I looked super awesome on prom night))
Totally gorgeous. Totally not my dress. 
So, once we had decided that definitely was NOT the dress, we were able to start searching for what WAS the dress. Juli had pulled a few new dresses based on my new requirements, and we started playing dress up. I had tried a few on, and thought they were pretty, but then I put on MY dress. It. Is. Stunning! To say I'm in love with it is the understatement of the year. I can't tell you too much about it (hi Dan!), but I can tell you it's fabulous, and I didn't want to take it off. Major win in my book! 

And since it's WW, Dan and I are off to Ralph's Bakery in New Carlisle to book our wedding cake! We tried some other cakes that we LOVE, but Ralph's won us over with their reasonable pricing and to-die-for frosting. Major yum! 

Today, I also worked on another mini project! Since I leave this weekend for two. whole. weeks away, I wanted to leave Dan some notes for while I was gone. I was planning on just writing post-its (we love post-its), but saw this cuteness on Pinterest today! While it was just a picture of the first note, I went on to think of my own envelopes to add to it including, "Open me when you're bored," "Open me when you need a laugh," and "Open me when you want to know how much I love you." I'll leave them when I go, and Dan can open one each day I'm gone. 
Off to Ralph's we go! 


  1. Ohhhh!! Love! That pic is amazing. <3


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