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Monday, July 15, 2013

Today I write from Columbia, Missouri, where I'm spending the next two weeks learning all things Journalism related. Truly, this is a Journalism dork's total dream. We arrived yesterday in St. Louis before making the two hour trek to Mizzou (yay for FINALLY seeing the university where I earned my master's degree). There are 34 of us from various parts of the country teaching various journalism classes with varied journalistic interests and skill levels. And we're all in it together. 

The Reynolds Institute is, in a word, amazing. The building is incredible, and the discussions that took place in the first 13 hours (read: TODAY) have been wonderful. I think we're all learning more than we ever thought we would. As someone who feels as though the digital media at her school is way lacking, I'm excited to be learning about things like StorifyThingLink, and the Vine mobile app. I had no idea about these things. But I should know them! 

If anything, this conference is reminding how critical professional development is to the teaching profession. With budget cuts, we don't get nearly enough. There's something totally surreal about picking the brains of 33 other educators and professionals in our field that I can't get anywhere else. No amount of independent research will teach me application like the people around me here. I feel blessed to have been chosen for this opportunity. I am lucky that I get to have these experiences and conversations with fantastic educators. 

That's all for now, as my brain hurts from all the knowledge crammed in it between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Today, I started a Twitter. And I blog. So, I suppose now I twog? Blitter? I'm unsure. But I do it! 


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