Sunday, July 21, 2013

Delicious BBQ at Jack Stacks
Oh boy. The ASNE Reynolds Journalism Institute insanity kicked in full force during the latter part of the week, keeping me from posting anything noteworthy. But the conference has been totally incredible. 

A brief recap: I have learned SO MUCH in the six days I've been here, and know that the next several will probably teach me just as much (if not more). We've talked about print, video, infographics, diagrams, sources, editing, and general elevation of all of our programs, which has been incredible. The best part is I get to be surrounded by other journalism professionals who know the battles we face (like, with funding, say, or technology) and who know lots of things about lots of things I don't know. We're learning as much from each other as we are from the incredible array of experts that have been brought in for us. 

Mostly, though, this institute makes me realize how vitally important professional development is, and how much I wish we had a chunk of our budget for this. When I started teaching journalism eight years ago, there was no Twitter, no Instagram, no... well, a lot of other things. And now everything in journalism has changed, and we need to adapt with it. It's been invigorating to spend time with people who want to make changes and make their programs better instead of just doing the same 'ol, same 'ol. I feel inspired as a teacher to make our journalism program the very best I can for our students, and I can safely say I wasn't feeling that way just a few short weeks ago. Professional development is so important for so many reasons, but I'm grateful that this opportunity brought me here. It has truly been incredible. 

Below, some pictures that can never come close to capturing this experience
Our field trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
Ernet Heminway worked at the Kansas City Star!
A handy little infographic
The Journalism School Library. In love! 
The NBC KOMO affiliate -- student operated! 
Our friend Larry the brewer at Flat Branch Brew and Pub
Made friends with this Tiger on my morning run! 
Truman's office at the Truman library
"The Buck Stops Here."


  1. What an incredible experience for you! Professional Development is such a vital part of education. Even one day workshops or conferences can be invigorating and can energize a teacher. So proud of what you are accomplishing these two weeks and so excited for your students who will benefit from your experiences.

  2. Couldn't agree more! It's been such a great experience!


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