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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It was a busy 4th of July weekend with a few barbecues, holiday celebrations, and Dan's 30th birthday! Lots of fun happenings, but I'm glad that life is getting back to normal. 

Also getting back to normal is the way our house looks! When Dan first arrived, we had... STUFF... everywhere. We were tasked with combining two households worth of stuff, one that was already in place, together, which is no easy task. Ever the organizational freak, I had to let that go for a bit while boxes, laundry baskets, and trash bags took over the kitchen, bedroom, and office. But, as of this weekend, everything is unpacked from most of those areas (minus the office, where we can simply shut the door until we're ready to deal with it). 

It feels great to have the house (mostly) back in order, and it's left me time to clean other things that have long been on my to-do list. This morning, I lovingly removed ripped with vengeance and fury the ceiling fans out of the upstairs bathrooms. I've lived in my house for almost six years, and I can safely say I've done this... never. They were filled with dust and build up. ICK! Additionally, I also found this  fabulous tutorial on how to clean a top load washing machine. That's going right now! And in case you're curious, I've also been using this great about.com spring cleaning tutorial to make some changes too. 

I leave this weekend for my cousin Amanda's bridal shower and bachelorette party, and then it's off to two weeks in Missouri for the ASNE Reynolds Journalism Institute. I'm so excited to have this opportunity to learn more and teach my students better. It will be a great few weeks! But until then, the cleaning awaits!  


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