Style File Friday: What to wear for engagement pictures?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Next Friday, we're meeting with Kaity to take our engagement pictures. I am beyond excited because of our location. 

Originally, when we started wedding planning, we toyed with the idea of having the wedding in South Bend and the reception in St. Joe, Michigan, so that we could combine places that were both important to me (Saint Mary's!) with places important to Dan (the lake!). We quickly realized that would be difficult logistically with getting all of our guests back and forth, so we opted for the South Bend venues. But, for our engagement photos, we're heading to St. Joe! 

I'm super excited to get some great shots at Lake Michigan, and downtown St. Joe. We even have a few fun places up our sleeves. I can't wait to see them, as Dan and I have been terrible the past six months or so about taking pictures together. It will be nice to have pictures that we're both in where we look nice and aren't holding the camera at arm's length for self shots in poorly lit rooms. 

So, now the question is, what do we wear? I've been perusing lots of different advice columns of what to wear in pictures, and have decided that solids are probably going to be out best bet. 

Here's what I've picked out so far. What do you think? I want to limit outfit choices to three -- something casual (in case we do sand/water shots), something fun, and something a little more formal. What would you wear? And how would you accessorize?

Green shorts and yellow top (both from Ann Taylor LOFT)
Same green shorts (LOFT) and Tiffany Blue top (Flourish) -- I worry the top is too fancy for the simple bottoms
Navy Gastby inspired dress (Flourish)
Sunny yellow dress with bright blue belt (Forever 21)

Sassy navy top (with white capris, maybe?) (Ann Taylor LOFT)
Little white sundress (LOFT) 


  1. You definitely need some statement jewelry and fun shoes. The Gatsby dress is perfect, and maybe something bolder/blingy with the shorts?

  2. Thanks, Nicole! I think I'm going to go for all the dresses and cut the shorts, but we'll see! I got a hot pink pair today too in Michigan City though... apparently summer means I've turned into Shopaholic!


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