Momma Mondays

Monday, June 10, 2013

I know it probably goes without saying that every person thinks he or she has the best mom in the world. I too fall into this category, but mostly because in my case, it's true! Whether she's teaching her students, taking care of her family, or tackling amazing feats like running her first 5K, my mom just plain rocks. 

My mom and I have the great fortune to both be teachers, and, therefore, both be off during our summers. We always have great intentions of spending time together -- going on adventures, taking day trips, or just getting together for a quick bite to eat, but the past few summers, we've struggled with this. Two summers ago, my mom spent almost the entire summer in Florida, taking care of my grandfather. Last summer, we did get together, but not nearly often enough for my liking. 

So, this summer, we decided to pick a day a week that we could spend time doing things together. Hence, momma Mondays. Every Monday, we're spending the day together. Whether we're doing housework at each other's houses, spending a day running errands, or doing something fun together, we're making the time to get together every week, which I love! 

Today's momma Monday was a necessary one. After teaching morning Jazz, I went to my parents' house. Mom and I had breakfast and then spent the next two hours cleaning out, detailing, and washing our cars. Our cars are now spotless (until we drive them again, that is!), we didn't have to do all the work on our own, and we got to spend time together. My car is the cleanest it's been probably since I got it. Wins all around in my book! 

It doesn't really matter to me what we do on these Mondays. I'm just glad that my mom and I have the chance to get together. We're lucky ladies like that. 


  1. Had a great time working on our cars today. They both look great. I told Dad to leave his car home tomorrow and I will clean it. Looking forward to all our upcoming Mondays. What's on our agenda for next Monday? BTW, I have the best daughter, xoxo.

  2. Me too! Let's see, next Monday... I think something productive (maybe recovering my hope chest, and something for your house?) and then something fun like lunch! :D


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