A birthday celebration!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Greetings! It's been a busy week filled with Andrea's wedding wonderfulness (check out OMG Photography's web site to see all of the amazing wedding pictures!) lots of my favorite house guests, and working on our own wedding details. 

But on Thursday night, I got the unique opportunity to attend Flourish Boutique's 5th birthday party! For those of you who don't know, Flourish is a totally fabulous gem located in Mishawaka, Indiana. After originally opening on the northwest side of South Bend in 2008, Flourish relocated to its current location the following year. 

I was originally introduced to Flourish because the owner, Vanessa Cooreman-Smith, is also a Saint Mary's graduate, and my former roommate, Nicole, always raved about her clothes. The first time I went, I was hooked, and I can safely say that I now spend an embarrassing amount of time checking their web site and Facebook page. I celebrated my 30th birthday wearing Flourish, and I got engaged wearing Flourish too! 

A little chevron dress
A little chevron top
So, it's pretty safe to say I have a ton of love for Flourish (and, chevron, as it not only pops in my wardrobe, but now in my home decorating and wedding planning too!). For their fifth birthday, Flourish was celebrating with a giant get together, including a fashion show of their summer line of clothing. 


I think my very favorite part of the show is that it included women of all ages and sizes. Flourish is a boutique for real women -- those who fit the runway "norm" and those who don't. 

I fell in love with a LOT of the pieces in the show. Luckily, Andrea, Teresa, and I shopped the store before the fashion show. Had we shopped afterward, I would have spent far, far more than I actually did. (Confession: I've already purchased ANOTHER dress online since.) 


Oh, Chevron? Yes, I bought this, and wore it to Andrea's rehearsal dinner the following night!
Flourish combines perfect, trendy pieces with classics that everyone loves. With tried and true color combinations mixed with pops of color, the two-level store quite literally has surprises around every corner. Check them out here (free shipping, so if you're out of the area, you can still shop 'til you drop), and check back here SOON, as I'll be offering my first ever blog giveaway, thanks to Flourish! 


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