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Thursday, May 2, 2013

I write to you tonight as a tired teacher who needs a brain break! Truthfully, I don't know why I'm so tired and need a brain break. This is the calm before the storm... at this time next Thursday, I'll have 52 research papers in my possession. Eeeek! And so, in honor of papers I love/hate, I bring you my favorite products (and, also least favorite products) right now.


My new Mizuno Wave Alchemy running shoes – There’s something so fun about opening a new pair of shoes for the first time, even if they were bought out of necessity (the last new shoes were 500 miles ago!)! Dan got new runners too – a great pair of Asics that he loves! We can run so fast now! 

Everything I've tried by the Greenhousewives Bath Company -- Go here to check them out! So, I’m taking baby steps to clean up my life bit by bit with cleaner food, cleaner products for the home, and cleaner products for the body. A friend of mine introduced me to this company via Facebook (her friend started it! so cool!), and I thought it might be worth an order. I bought sparingly, not really knowing what I wanted to try. I ordered the Sore Muscle Bath Salts and the Cocoa Body Butter Bar. HOLY AMAZING! First, the products are super fun, easy on the skin, and smell AMAZING. Seriously, it takes everything in me not to lick my legs after I use the cocoa bar. (How’s that for a visual?!)

Chevron print anything -- Seriously, it's getting ridiculous how much I love chevron prints. Clothing? Yes! Artwork? Sold! Furniture? Yes, let's recover it in chevron! This might be my favorite print of all time! 

The Great Gatsby -- Words. Can't. Describe. 

No loves:

Benefit Cosmetics/faulty information – Okay, I realize it could just be me here, but I have to rant a bit! Last weekend, my friends and I had our makeup done for my bestie Teresa’s bachelorette party. Our makeup artist told us all of the awesome BENEFITS to using their makeup line, including all the wonderful vitamins and minerals in the products. Everyone looked beautiful! But about six hours later, I noticed my face would NOT stop itching! Another bridesmaid had mentioned that her face felt itchy earlier that evening. Well, what would you know, when I washed my face that night, my skin was red, patchy, and dry, almost like I had a chemical burn! Days later, it’s finally back to normal. I purchased a few of the products and ALMOST used them today, but was running late, so I left them alone. THEN, the bride-to-be mentioned that she is having a serious eye allergy that she thinks might be related to her new mascara! Upon looking on their website, I found this:
Benefit does not test for or claim that our products are hypo-allergenic (least likely to cause an allergic reaction) or non-comedogenic (does not cause pimples & blackheads). If you have a specific allergy, please contact Customer Care to determine if a product is suitable for your skin.
UGH! Don’t you think you should at least MENTION that to your customers?! I realize I have crazy skin, but it’s frustrating nonetheless! I like to know my information up front, please. No wonder I’ve been doing the same makeup routine since… I started doing makeup! 

Dale’s Raw Protein Powder – I LOVE Dale’s products. So when I was running low on my fabulous Meijer protein powder, I thought I’d give Dale’s a try! It’s plant protein! It’s healthy! It’s got the worst after taste of all time! L Even mixed with yummy ingredients like strawberries, bananas, or chocolate milk, it totally still tastes like grimy plant. Ick. 

Cilantro -- Because it still just plain sucks. 


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