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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh, hello there! I've been trying to think of a great blog to write for a couple of days, but something has been getting in the way. Actually, EVERYTHING has been getting in the way. I feel like the universe has been one big giant time suck as of late. I partially blame Daylight Savings Time for taking away one whole hour from me this past weekend, but there's a lot going on. 

Lately I've felt like every moment has been scheduled. Everyone is busy. I know this. But the past few weeks have been insane. IN-SANE. I will spare you the boring details of my calendar, but it's been hard to find a moment to just stop and breathe. 

My fear at this moment is that this is just a preview of the next three months. I couldn't be happier about all the AMAZING things taking place (Europe with Dan and a visit to Lynny, my 30th birthday, showers and bachelorette parties galore, and standing by the side of three of my best friends as they marry their soulmates), but it really is going to be a marathon until the end of the school year (come on May 29!). 

There are moments, though, that do make me pause. Today, a student of mine was having a bad day. She is struggling at home, working a ton so she can live on her own, trying to be involved in school athletics, and attempting to not fall behind in school. My heart breaks for this girl as she navigates this insanely tricky course for anyone, let alone a 16-year-old child. Furthermore, she doesn't have time to run, which is the one major stress reliever she has. I feel like I can relate to her all too well. 

It's moments like this that make me realize how lucky I am that the biggest problem on my plate is planning weekends of happiness and joy. It's moments like this that make me want to hug my parents a little tighter the next time I see them and thank them for loving and supporting me. It's moments like these that make me want to be able to scoop up my student and fix all of the things that need fixing. 

It's moments like these that make me grateful for all of the moments I have... good, bad, period. 


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