Fat Tuesday

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get in my belly. 

Today's cons: 
I still feel ill-ish. 
I skipped my workout in order to rest. 
I skipped dinner with my friend Kaity in order to rest. 
I burnt my tongue somewhere in the massive quantities of tea and soup I've had today. 

Today's pros: 
ALL 54 research papers are graded and returned to my students! Glorious!
Despite my burnt tongue, I still got to eat a delicious Paczki. 
I get to do absolutely nothing for the next 12 glorious hours. 
Tomorrow, we go see Matchbox 20 in Kalamazoo! 
I have a good book, plenty of magazines, more tea, and a positive attitude. This sickness is going DOWN!

Tomorrow starts lent. In addition to giving up negativity this year (I did this last year, with quite a bit of success!), I've decided to try to give us as much processed food as I can. I'm attempting to eat clean in every way I can, but with weddings and vacations during lent, I wasn't willing to totally commit to 40 days of totally clean eating (wedding cake is the BEST!). 

More than that, though, I want to focus on being present for the next 40 days. This isn't my idea, actually. My friend Andrea mentioned it to me, and I thought it was an excellent way to go through the season. I want to focus more on living in the moment instead of being 18 steps ahead of where I am. I want to focus on the people I'm with and not other things I should be doing (like, Pinteresting while eating dinner with my family, or, writing an email while a student tries to talk to me about something). I want to focus on the moment, the people in the moment, and what's going on in front of me. 

On that note, I'm going to go find some unclean foods to munch on and read on the couch. Not the epitome of health today, but, that's what tomorrow's for. :) 

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