Hunt for Happiness Week

Monday, January 21, 2013

It's the week to look for happiness, people! 
Happy Hunt for Happiness Week! Wait, what? Truth be told, I didn't know this existed until I got an about.com email telling me this is the week to try to find happiness everywhere. I kind of love this idea, though, since it seems to literally be the season for negativity. As I write this blog, it's -4 degrees with the wind chill, the days are still short, and the road to spring time feels long. BUT, the sun is shining, it's Inauguration Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day (and, coincidentally, a day off of school!), and we're cruising toward the end of January. 

I have been very hard on myself lately, for all sorts of reasons: 

1. I seem to be falling behind faster than ever this year at school. The grading comes in far faster than I can get it back. And while I want to be updating my lessons and doing all sorts of cool things, I often feel like I'm only a half step in front of the kids. 

2. I haven't been getting in as much running as I'd like to be. I would LOVE to be averaging 15 or so miles a week, but with the blustery weather and lack of time, I'm lucky to be getting in one or two runs a week. 
3. I have come to the realization, yet again, that I am not perfect. Sigh. Perfectionism is a tough nut to crack. I'm working on being kind to myself, but I seem to be listening to that little voice that says, "You're not doing enough and you're not doing it well." 

So, I am embracing every second of Hunt for Happiness Week! My plan is to seek out all sorts of happiness in all sorts of places. Today, for instance, I saw the sun, got to Skype with Lynn about my upcoming trip to Europe, AND got to watch an episode of Downton Abbey. That's some happiness right there! Additionally, I've also made some fun plans for the weekend, including a triple date with my best friends to a swanky restaurant that none of us would normally be able to afford (thankful for Downtown SB restaurant week!)! AND, I even called Comcast and got my bill lowered $15 just for calling in and asking. Fabulous little surprise, because I didn't really see that happening! 

Okay, I'm off to hunt for more happiness. Wishing you the happiest week possible! 


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