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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today was a first for me in my almost eight years of teaching. I took a day off. Not because I had an appointment. Not because I was sick. Not because I was out of town. I took a personal day... a mental health day, if you will. After a 14-hour grading session this weekend and a marathon that has been the 2012 school year, I needed a moment to breathe. 

I woke up at normal time. Typical. So, I got up, worked out, took a shower, and took my time getting ready. It was glorious having time to actually blow dry my hair on a Tuesday. Some of my dear friends (not that I'm naming names) showed up around 9:30, and off we went toward Grape Road to have breakfast, shop, shop some more, have lunch, and then come home. Besides the great finds (a $17 coat from Old Navy! 4 organizers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond!), it was nice to have a moment to sit with friends, relax, and enjoy a conversation without worrying about having to get a lot done today. Lovely, lovely day. 

It was really, really nice to have a day off. This, of course, begs the question, why do people tend to feel so guilty about taking a day off? For years, I have avoided taking even a single day for myself. My mom, also a teacher, has always told me, "Angela, they will survive without you. School keeps going when you're not there." And she's right! I'm hoping I'll cut myself some slack and remember in the future that it's okay to take a day off if it means I get to rejuvenate myself. 

Upon getting home tonight, I decided to cross something off my always growing 'Organize This' list. My sweaters have long been annoying me. They sit on the shelf in my closet. They fall all over. They are wrinkled beyond belief. And they have been impossible to dig through in order to find the sweater I'm actually looking for. Well, no more! I was able to get all the sweaters back in the closet (freeing up an entire drawer of space!), get the t-shirts out, and have everything in an order that makes sense. Hooray! 

Before: A Giant Mess
After: Organized! Happy! 

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  1. Looks great. Glad you had a nice day. Need to take my own advice. Love you bunches. XOXO


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