It's the end of the world as we know it... and I teach high school

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I hesitate to say this, but this week is one of my least favorite weeks of the entire school year. If you've never been a high school teacher, let me explain something to you. Something happens to teenagers this week. I don't know if it's in the water or in the air or a wire that is simultaneously tripped in all brains of teenagers, but kids go absolutely bonkers this week. To be fair, this is my second least favorite week of the year, followed only by the week before spring break. Are you surprised I didn't say the week before summer vacation? I like that week. Kids are excited to graduate. They get nostalgic about the school year and life in general. This week, there is none of that. 

To make matters worse, approximately 50 percent of students are in an utter panic about December 21, 2012, which, at least for this year, makes THIS my least favorite week of the year. The "normal" amount of chaos has gone even MORE chaotic and the natives have gotten restless. I can't even put it in to words. The decibel level rises. The things students shout in the hall become more obnoxious. I literally field questions like, "Really, though, are zombies real?" and, "What happens if some people survive and others don't? Do I still have to, like, obey laws" I have to deal with statements like, "I'm not doing my required reading because there won't be time to finish the novel before the end of the world. Therefore, you can't test us over it." 

Today, though, I got a pop quiz turned in that made me quite literally laugh out loud. My students are reading Huck Finn, and today's pop quiz asked a question about what Jim reveals to Huck about his daughter. The student wrote a total BS answer, and then, left me a little note. You would have to know this student and his extreme sarcasm in all situations to truly understand the awesomeness, but I will share anyway. It reads: 

Dear Ms. S, 

Sorry about my answer. I'm drawing a blank. The world is ending Friday when sloths invade towns. Lots of bloodshed. 

(insert name here)

On that note, I'm off to the ND basketball game. Best of luck to you and yours with the sloths! 


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