I wish I was a little bit taller

Friday, December 7, 2012

Today after work, I went to get a massage. Can we all just agree that massages are one of the very best things in the whole wide world? Okay, good. 

My masseuse is a lovely woman named Teresa. She lives in the town where I teach and does massages out of her home (not in a shady way, she has a studio, people). Anyway, every time I go see her, I feel like I need to apologize for something. After my two half marathons, it was a lot of apologizing for missing or blackened toe nails. Now, though, it's changed. 

Today, I had to apologize for my stress knots. To say that I get knots in my shoulders and back would be like saying peanut butter is just "okay." (Peanut butter is right up there with massages. They both go in the category of Freaking Awesome.) The knots in my shoulders get so large, they can physically be grabbed. There's nothing I love more than having Teresa work on them until they release (which, most of the time, they don't completely, but they're MUCH better afterward). 

But, my favorite part about the massage is when I get in my car afterward. Because that is when I notice that I've gotten taller. All of the sudden, my rearview mirror sits too low and I have to adjust it so that I can actually see out of it. I feel like the weeks or months in between my massages compact me, but having that massage helps me to lengthen back out. It's like adding an extra half inch to my frame! And besides, I always wanted to be 5'6".


  1. 1/2" taller? Heck, I need to go at least 4 days a week...lol!

  2. I've thought about it! Every time I go see her, I'm amazed at how tight my hips are too -- no doubt from running, but I don't even notice it until she starts working on them, and then, OUCH!

    How have your runs been? I'm loving that no s-word has showed up yet!

  3. When my little 10 lb dog walks acrossed my legs I feel the same way - ouch, ouch, ouch every step when I didn't even know I was sore! I bet she'd have a hayday with me, or, it would be a very short massage!

    My runs have been OK. I think I have bursitis in my left knee. I've been thinking that for awhile. It usually doesn't hurt while I'm running, just sore later. Today, near the end of the 14 miles, it was hurting while running. May have to consider a cortisone injection before I go to Disney - we'll see how it goes. My next 4 weekends are 17, 20, 12, 8 miles. Hoping for no crazy cold snaps or horrid rains or 20 MPH winds!

  4. Stupid bursitis! So frustrating! I would definitely consider that injection before Disney -- that's a lot of running you'll be doing on those legs!

    I was hoping to run this morning, but too slick outside, so I opted for an indoor workout instead. Here's to no more snow, slick spots, cold snaps, rains, or strong winds until after you're done!


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