Tranquility (An ode to being Type A)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Today at school, I introduced the Benjamin Franklin Planner project to my students. Essentially, my students pick one of Franklin's 13 virtues and try to improve upon it over the course of four weeks. Most students tend to lean toward procrastination, order, or frugality. I've decided this year, I'm doing it along with them. I, however, am focusing on tranquility. 

Last week, I got an about.com email with a quiz called, "Are you Type A?" You can find a link to said quiz here. It asks questions like, "Are you often in a hurry?" (Answer: Of course), "Do you grind your teeth at night?" (Answer: Ask the mouth guard I've chewed through), "Do you find it difficult to sit in traffic?" (Answer: Dan would say YES), and "Do you often multitask?" (Answer: You mean, since I'm grading papers WHILE taking this quiz?)

I mean, I've always known I was Type A. I'm someone with a chronic need to overachieve. I'm on every committee possible. I have three jobs. I spend my day trying to cram stuff in. I get excited when I get to cross things off my to-do list. I go to bed planning how best to finish things tomorrow. I rush from work to the gym from the gym home to grade from grading to TV watching while lesson planning. I even rush to bed, like the opportunity will go away if I don't get there RIGHT THEN. 

It's exhausting. And it is the opposite of tranquil. 

So, along with my students, I've decided I will spend the next four weeks forcing myself to be tranquil. I will try my best to focus on one task instead of 20. I will listen intently to conversations instead of making to-do lists in my head. I will try to simplify as much as I can so that I can actually enjoy life. Dare I say it, I might even try to get bored now and again and NOT fill that time with a million other things. I'm going for tranquil here, people. 

It's never too late to learn, right? 


  1. Go Angela! I believe in you. You're capable of anything you choose to do. And I don't mean that in a cliché way. You really have an amazing ability to be dedicated to your goals. So, tranquility is definitely achievable for you.
    Cheers to a slight shift in mind set and to tranquility!

  2. Thanks, Allie! I'm trying... plus, it'll be fun to do a project along with the kids to see how far we all get! I'm off to bed to be tranquil there! :) Hope all is well with you!


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