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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oh, hello. I'm writing you from the couch, where I'm feeling, kind of miserable. In second hour, I got really hot (which, if you know anything about me and school, you will know that I am NEVER hot). By fourth hour, I needed to lay down. And in fifth hour, I was so dizzy, I think my kids thought I was nuts. 

I went to Jazzercise, took a 3o-minute rest, and then taught a 30-minute Express class. Now I'm home, tired, and planning to go to bed WAY early tonight so I can teach Jazz tomorrow morning and teach all day. :) Thank goodness for weekends! 

This post, though, is not about feeling sick. It's about a few of my favorite new running things. Here they are, in no particular order:

Zone Perfect Dark Chocolate Bars

These are SERIOUSLY yummy. They taste like a candy bar but still have 12 grams of protein for 200 calories. The almond one is ah-ma-zing and has turned into my favorite after school snack.

Fuel belt Revenge Arm Bandit 7 ounce water bottle

I can't run (or, go anywhere, for that matter) without water. I need to know that I can have something to sip on close by. This is my favorite new bottle, because I can throw it on my upper arm and go. I don't have to worry about it bouncing around and it doesn't leak. Hooray! 

Epsom Salt

Bursitis, be gone! Arthritis, be gone! Achey muscles... you be gone too! Once a week, I've been indulging in my Epsom Salt bath. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, but I really do feel better after I take one. Just a cup or two and ten minutes in the bath will do the trick. 

Asics Running Socks

By far, my favorite new find are my Asics running socks. They're moisture wicking and really comfortable. They're labled R and L because each sock comes with built in supports for right and left feet. Genius! But, do you want to know what my favorite part about them is? THEY WERE FREE! My parents have been long time fans of Menards. It might even be their favorite store. So, a few weeks ago, my mom called to tell me Menards had these socks on sale for $6.99, but you got the full amount back in a rebate. She bought me three pairs, and when I saw how awesome they were, I got four more! That's SEVEN new pairs of running socks for FREE! Happy camper. :) 

Got any new and awesome things to share? 

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  1. 5 hour energy
    Honeycrisp apples
    Gadorade Prime

    Tell this rain to go away!


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