40s, Netflix, and a shout out

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This, you see, is a three part post. 

Part I: The Running Part

Earlier this week, I was elated because I wore capris and a short sleeve shirt to work and was too warm on the way home in the car. Then Friday happened. Quite literally, overnight, the temperature dropped in to the 30s, signaling that, yes, winter is coming. It was quite a blow to my holding-on-to-summer ego. My skin feels drier, my head is stuffier, and my joints are achier. I loathe winter. But, today, I was reminded why I love the 40s. 

The 40s are easily my favorite temperature to run in. The air is crisp (but not too cold in the lungs). I don't sweat to death and need to replenish fluids every five feet. And, it's just bitey enough that my joints don't feel the small beating they're taking. I can just run without worrying too much about being too hot or too cold. And it felt really good to get a run in today, considering all I've been living on this weekend is a diet of sweets (hello, Halloween candy), cheese, and apples and caramel dip. Delish! 

Part II: The Netflix Part

So, Dan recently resubscribed to Netflix, and I'm sad to say, I've become addicted. Do you KNOW how awesome Netflix is? It totally solves the problem of there's-nothing-on-television AND I'm-too-cheap-to-pay-for-that-channel. 

Our most recent obsession is The Tudors. Yes, I realize this show came out, like, ages ago, but I'm too cheap to pay for Showtime. So, we've started watching it now. We're three episodes in I'm obsessed. The other day, I actually watched half an episode on my phone while Dan was at work, just because I wanted to see what happened next. Obsessed, I tell you. Why did I never know the beauty of paying $8 a month for all this awesome entertainment?! 

Part III: The Shout Out Part

I just have to mention that three of my running heroes (Teresa, Sherry, and Meredith) ALL completed 26.2 in October! Seriously, amazing work there, ladies! 


  1. I am right there with you - I hate winter, hate being cold, all stuffed up, but love running in the 40's!

    I too keep hearing about Netflix but have never tried it. My grandbaby loves Sprout & we pay the highest ATT Uverse level just to keep Sprout!

    Thanks for the shoutout. 26.2 is a looonnnggg way to run. I think all runners should do it at least once! Just prepare to be whooped/spanked/trashed but oh how happy you will be to cross the finish line & get your bling :) This was my 2nd and I have a 3rd in January at Disney & I honestly don't think I'll do another full marathon...unless there is some unbelievable bling I just can't live without...lol! I do plan to coninue running 1/2 marathons which are much more manageable.

    I'm thinking the Indy Women's Only 1/2 marathon 8-31-13 for my next adventure.

  2. The Indy Women's Only half sounds like so much fun! I'm hoping for a run in March or April, but we'll see!

    Totally recommend Netflix! So much entertainment, so little time!


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