Third time's a charm? That's S#@&.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Greetings, all! What have I been up to the past week? Well, I've decided that if I live at school, I can probably finish everything the state is asking of me to do this year as a teacher. Probably. I've been buried in reading, grading, college recommendation letters, editing, newspaper layouting, and, to top it all off, today I was handed 82 lovely Extended Definition essays to read. I've honestly been going in earlier and staying later then ever before. So, alas, work is keeping me busy. 

Additionally, my left knee has been angry at me. I was able to get in super short runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (HELLO beautiful weather), but my IT band was screaming at the end of the Sunday run. Although the weather is perfect, I decided not to run on Monday and went for a long walk at Notre Dame yesterday with Krissi. Hence, where the title of this blog post comes from. 

I've long been contemplating when and where my third half marathon will be. While I absolutely adored the Princess Half Marathon last year, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it again this year. The race is in February, which would mean time off of work and a trip to Florida. I'm very much hoping to head to Germany for spring break this year to see Lynny. And in May, I'll be traveling to the Outer Banks to see Teresa and Dave tie the knot. So, three flights and three major expenses in three short months seems a bit out of the question for my bank account right now. 

I'm pretty sure I want to run another half, mostly because I think I've been continually getting faster the last few months and want to see what I could do in a long race. But, I haven't even looked in to other races yet. It's on the to-do list. 

I was thinking about this yesterday when I realized a run was out of the question and a walk was more up my alley. Luckily, Krissi was free, so we met at the bookstore to take a stroll. I love my walks with Krissi. When we lived together, we went for walks constantly. They were therapy for us -- walking, talking, complaining, laughing, and a lot of dreaming. Yesterday's walk was no different. 

And, on our return to the cars, as we walked under a beautiful tree...
...a bird pooped directly on my head. It wasn't a lot. But it was enough.

I have to note that this is the THIRD time this has happened to me now. Years ago, a seagull got me when I was at the beach. In February, on the exact day I ran my half marathon, a bird got me at Epcot. And yesterday marks my third such run in with bird feces. Ick. And ick some more. 

I'm told it's good luck to get pooped on. I think some poor sap made that up to try to save face after being the target of a bird full of business. 

I handed Krissi a leaf and asked her if she could take care of it. She did me one better -- when the leaf wasn't working, she used her own bare hand to scoop the poop. That's friendship, people. 

So, after the third time of being a bird target, I'm left wondering, when will the third half take place? I don't know yet... but I'm hoping that good luck will abound. 


  1. I vote finding a European half marathon! Great way to see a new city, so I hear.

  2. That's actually kind of a fabulous idea! Maybe I can combine spring break AND half marathon into one awesome week! Or... maybe we can just enjoy the week together. We'll see! :)

  3. Good choice on resting the knee & choosing a walk over a run. Hope it's feeling better by now. For sure keep us posted on the next 1/2 marathon! If getting pooped on by a bird is good luck then you should be rolling in something fabulous real soon...especially since the 3rd time's a charm :)

  4. I ran four on Saturday and it didn't feel great, but it felt better! Then I slammed it into a door yesterday (full force, of course) so it's tender now, but for a different reason. We have a staff inservice tomorrow morning and I get to go in to work a little later, so I'm hoping to get 4 in during the morning chill. We'll see!

    CONGRATS on your long run this weekend!


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