Marathoners and Ironwomen: Some serious inspiration

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In the event that I haven't mentioned this before, I have some of the kindest, coolest, funniest, most wonderful people in my life. I mean it. They're giving, loving, and strong. And today, I'm focusing on four of them. 

The marathoners:
As a junior in college, I lived with Teresa and Meredith. Meredith was the only runner of the three of us at that time, but since then, we've all been bitten by the running bug. I ran my first half marathon with (well, in the same race, anyway) Mere and my second half marathon with (well, in the same race, anyway) T. I've been lucky enough to share my enthusiasm for running with both of them. And now, both are training for their first ever full marathons. I was talking to Teresa via email the other day, and she mentioned how her 18-mile run hadn't gone as well as she'd have hoped. But then she said something so profound, it really made me think. Her fiancee (who is also running the marathon) said, "There was a time when you couldn't run a mile. Now you can run 18!" And it's true! That is something to be so proud of! So when she runs the Chicago Marathon in just a few weeks, I'll meet her at mile 20 and cheer her on until mile 26 when she takes the rest of the journey herself. I am so, so proud of both of them! 

The Ironwomen: 
I have previously written about my aversion to completing a sprint triathlon. Essentially, I am afraid I will be knocked out during the swim by a swift kick to the head and will never get the chance to complete the rest of the race. Also, it's hard! But two of my other favorite people, Krissi and Christa both have the honor of calling themselves Iron(wo)men. The thought of swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and THEN running a full marathon is quite literally more than my brain can comprehend. Working out for 11 or 12 or 17 hours is an INSANE feat, and one these two accomplished with ease... or, maybe not ease, but they made it look easy! 

To say I'm proud of my friends would be an extreme understatement. I am more than just proud of them and they are more than just my friends: They are my inspiration to work a little harder and to do a little better. 


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