Rub-a-dub-dub and the Varsity Club

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Clever title, eh?

So, after doing some very scientific research (i.e. reading three articles online and watching one YouTube video), I decided to try the Epsom salt bath. This reminded me why I don't like to take baths. I get bored! I can only sit there for so long! Regardless, I sat, and tried to let the Epsom salt work its magic. I have no idea if it made any difference since I'm off of running right now anyway, but it definitely didn't hurt. Supposedly, three baths a week is supposed to help. Why not, right? 

Today I decided to take a drive to the Varsity Club to go for a swim. My parents own a time share through them (helpful when vacationing!) and therefore, we get access to the pool. I hadn't been there in ages, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I checked in at the front desk, was given a key card, and asked about towels. That's when I was told that the Varsity Club no longer gives out towels. Mmmmk. I came unprepared (which left to literally toweling off with paper towel after the swim).

At that point, I decided I would try not to get my hair wet so I wouldn't have to paper towel it too. This led to an interesting swimming technique... I'll get to that later. 

Upon entering the pool, there was another woman swimming laps. I had planned to run under water, but felt like an idiot, so instead I swam laps too. This is when I realized I FORGOT HOW HARD SWIMMING IS. Holy total body workout, Batman! My muscles certainly felt the burn... especially my arms. When my swimming buddy left, I started running laps, but still felt like an idiot, so I rotated swimming, running, and various leg lifts and kicks. 

I have never been a strong swimmer. As a kid, I learned to swim in a hotel pool, with the doggy paddle. I maintain that this is still my best stroke, since I absolutely HATE being under water without holding my nose. I've often thought about doing some sort of sprint triathlon, but I'm such a bad swimmer, I'm afraid I would get kicked in the head and drown in the swim, never making it to the other two events. 

I stayed about 40 minutes and felt pretty good when I got out of the water. I can never tell if I've worked hard, though, since I can't gauge it on sweat. Regardless, I'm making the most of my week off of running and trying some new things. So far, so good! 


  1. OMG...you are soooo funny, sitting here cracking up! I can totally relate. I'm not a swimmer. Dog paddle is pretty much my way around in the water so I really don't like to be in over my head or in lake water where I can't see the bottom. I have to know when/where I can touch bottom. I would never to a triathalon for the reasons you decribe above...and I can't really swim anyway. Thanks for the laugh :) Hoping this does not aggravate your hip and helps you keep up some aerobic benefit :)

  2. I'm glad I could give you a laugh! And I'm also glad I'm not the only swimmer-that-wasn't. Hip feels pretty good today, but I'm really wanting to run. I was debating making today a rest day but I feel like I want to move, so I might try some low impact aerobics or the elliptical. We'll see! Have a great weekend!


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