A PR story

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This morning was my third time participating in Tour de LaPorte. I love this race for a lot of reasons. 

1. It supports an awesome foundation and an awesome organization.
2. It's a fun race to run with friends and visit with others
3. It's usually a beautiful day (today was no exception!) 
4. It's fun to be able to compare my time to previous years

Last year's race was a good one for me. This year's was better! 

Dan and I started and stayed together for the first mile and a half or so. I had a pretty good clip going and was really excited to be running and not have my hip talking to me. When Dan started to speed up after the water station, I told him to go, and continued at my own pace. There were about five of us all pacing together, and I even got encouragement from another runner when I slowed down for a walk. I wasn't timing myself, but knew I was booking it. So when I crossed the finish line, I felt really great (in that death-like way). I grabbed a water, found Dan, walked around, and waited for results to go up. 

And there it was: my PR. The best time I've ever run a 5K. And that 26:25 time had me grinning from ear to ear. :D I came in second place in my age division, and Dan came in second place in his. 

There's something so exciting about nailing a time you've been trying to nail. For YEARS, I've been trying to do a 5K in under 27 minutes. I even put it on my summer bucket list. So to actually do it feels really, really awesome. 

It was a good run. And maybe the next one will be even better. 


  1. Congratulations! Well done! Xoxo
    So proud of you!

  2. AWESOME!!! And yes, I'm yelling!!!

  3. Thanks, girls! Such a good feeling! I'm hoping to get in some solid runs this week/end, but it feels nice to know that Bursitis and all, I still have some fight left!


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