Olympics obsessed

Thursday, August 9, 2012

As I write, I'm currently on the couch, glued to the Olympic coverage on NBC this afternoon. This is pretty much no different than any other day for the past few weeks. I can officially say I'm obsessed with all things Olympics. 

I ADORE the summer Olympics, mostly because I get to watch almost all the coverage since I'm home in the summer. I love seeing the stories of the athletes. I love seeing people shine after working so hard for four years (or, in some cases, their entire lives). 

Something just happens to me when the Olympics are on. For some reason, my witty repertoire and sarcastic comments are silenced by Olympic bliss, even during the most asinine events. Synchronized swimming? Normally I'd have SOMETHING to say about the plastered on faces and giant smiles even in the face of drowning, but I have nothing! Instead, I just think the performances are pretty. Right now? I'm watching rhythmic gymnastics. I didn't even know this was a sport! Water polo? Holy violence, Batman. Track and Field? Yes! Swimming for six miles? YES! I'm hooked! 

The other night, Dan told me he was kind of getting tired of the Olmpics. I went silent out of fear of saying something I couldn't take back later. He went to wash dishes while I sat on the couch like a lump and watched Gabby Douglas fall off the balance beam (Sad!). 

There's something so... wrong... about sitting on my tail end watching these elite athletes accomplish amazing feats of strength and skill. Every time the USA wins a gold medal, I'm tempted to trot into the kitchen to find celebratory cookies. See what I mean? Wrong! 

Regardless, it's been a nice way to get some brain down time before summer ends. In four days, I'll be back in my own marathon-of-sorts to educate my kiddos and make it to Summer 2013. :) 


  1. I like watching the Olympics too. Some things kind of suprise me - like bowling. I know it takes some work but I think of the Olympics as something more physically challenging. Watching Pistorius run was really cool, so happy he got the chance to make his dream come true and Usain trading bibs with him was awesome! My 2 1/2 year old grandbaby even had fun watching some of the running & hurdles with me.

  2. LOVE it! That Olympic obsession starts young, as far as I'm concerned!

  3. I looked up that Kilometers For Cam race in St. Joseph, MI. It is 9-15-12 (hubby's 60th birthday but he said I can run it). This year they added a 10K also. Any other race I would skip because of hubby's birthday but I am committed to this race & this little boy! My grandson Cade has been at the race since he was born. 2 yrs ago & stayed behind with Grampy. Last year I got a jogging stroller so I signed him up & ran with him in the stroller. It was sooo cute, he got a shirt, a bib number & a timing chip! He promptly tore the bib off...lol. Now I'm tossed. I'd like to do the 10K but I really want to keep this tradition with him going as long as he will tolerate Grammy taking him. I don't know if he would handle 6 miles in the jogger, 3-4 is the longest we've gone. He might do OK with all the runners around him though? I ran about 56 miles with him last year on the weekends but haven't had him as much this year so not many runs. Decisions to make & then sign up :)

  4. I REALLY want to do it -- I have a welcome brunch in South Bend that morning also, but I'm hoping I can somehow manage to do both. Once I know a time for that, I'll make a sign up decision.

    LOVE that it's a family friendly run, even if Cade doesn't want to wear his bib! I agree, maybe with people around, he'd be entertained by them? Maybe he'll be extra motivation to run fast and get the race done if he seems upset! :)


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