Getting schooled

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All is well in the world of school right now. Students are good, classes are going smoothly, and I laugh and smile often. I adore the time I'm getting to spend with my coworkers and am actually really exciting about assigning my students their first paper (famous last words, I know). 

After school today, I went to Kesling Park to go for a run. I settled on four miles and BEASTED the first one (7:44!). I was feeling incredibly proud of my time. That's when the children showed up. I'm guessing they were middle schoolers, because, well, they came from the direction of KMS and looked small. And that would be when the majority of the children reminded me about my REAL running speed and blew me away. For approximately 30 seconds, I thought, "Hey! I can keep up with them! Look how short their legs are!" I then attempted to match their speed. Hence why 30 seconds later, I rethought my stance and slowed back down to a more comfortable pace. 

I think this was a good reminder for me. I'm never too old to get schooled. :)


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