End of summer recap

Sunday, August 12, 2012

In some sort of logical order:
  • Watched the graduates of LaPorte High School class of 2012 go out to make the world a better place
  • Went to Madison, Wisconsin, to see my best friend from fourth grade marry her love
  • Hosted a bridal shower for my best friend, Shannon
  • Visited family in Detroit (twice)
  • Celebrated Amanda and Jacob's engagement
  • Went to Mackinac Island and Traverse City for my first vacation with Dan
  • Bought GOBS of wine
  • Watched the sunset on the beach and a ferry
  • Saw fireworks in Lake Orion, Baroda, and over Lake Michigan on a boat in St. Joe 
  • Introduced the Putt and Saoud parents
  • Watched my dear friend Annie marry her love, Josh
  • Spent three days at Silver Lake with Dan and his friends
  • Rode a dune buggy 
  • DROVE a four wheeler
  • Became the MOH for Shannon
  • Celebrated the marriage of Shannon and Ben... 13 years in the making
  • Road tripped with Erica to The Cactus at Purdue
  • Had drinks on the rooftop with T, Dave, E, and Lis
  • Gchatted with Lynny
  • Lollapalooza-ed it up with Dan, including a major rain out and some seriously muddy flip flops after the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed 
  • Slept in
  • Ran a ton
  • Got Bursitis
  • Kept on running
  • Volunteered at Camp Del Ja-Ri
  • Laughed hard as Kathleen Madigan performed stand-up comedy at the Blue Chip casino
  • Cooked more dinners than I ever have in one summer
  • Organized closets, drawers, cabinets
  • Moved furniture
  • Spent time lunching, coffeeing, and ice creaming with friends
  • Got flip flop tan lines
  • Read three really awesome books
  • Hung out with my super awesome parents
  • Watched a TON of Olympics
  • Fell even more in love <3


  1. Sounds like the perfect summer! So glad it was really nice for you :)

  2. Thanks, Sherry! It really was!


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