Diagnosis: Bursitis

Friday, August 3, 2012

It's official. I'm getting old. Yesterday, I went to see my Rheumatologist, Dr. Balog. I adore Dr. Balog because she's proactive about my RA, listens to me, and encourages me to keep moving (and running, even!). I started telling her about my hip issues. I told her about the pain, the gravely/grinding feeling, the tenderness if I roll on it/off it at night. 

She pressed on the trigger point and said, "I think you have bursitis." See what I mean? I'm getting old. 

So, Dr. B gave me some stretches I can do, recommended low impact exercise at least until Monday, and said if it doesn't get better soon, we'll talk to a Sports Medicine doctor about physical therapy and/or ways I can fix this problemo. 

On the bright side, she said it probably isn't from running and is more from just living. So, that's encouraging that I didn't totally jack up my hip because of a bad run. 

It certainly didn't stop me from dancing like a mad woman last night with Erica, Kaveh, and Kelly at The Cactus in West Lafayette. So, so fun! And it definitely won't stop me from having a whirlwind weekend in Chicago -- dinner, drinks, and brunch with some of my favorite girls and boys and, tomorrow, Lollapalooza with Dan. (See all the new things I'm trying with this man? Good stuff.)


  1. Make sure you take care of that hip. I was in a car accident & had a tear in my hip. A touchy surgery so I tried to live with it. I developed bursitis & was miserable. Couldn't walk on a treadmill or ride bike or workout or hardly sleep at night = exhausted daily. 1.5 yrs. after the accident I had hip surgery which took care of the catching & pain in the front of my hip but suffered with bursitis for another 1.5 years. A very horrible 3 years of my life that I don't care to repeat ever again! If it comes back get some help & don't let it get out of control. Tamara Taylor at Taylor Physical Therapy in Elkhart is "the bomb"...she worked on me & literally gave me my life back. I finally got better in 2006 & I think it was 2008 when I started running :)

  2. I'm doing what I'm supposed to, much to my chagrin! I will heed your warning though and make sure to take it easy. Thanks for the PT advice! If I need to see someone, I'll definitely call Tamara!

  3. She used some Kinesio tape on me which really helped in the beginning. It's like a bias sports tape. I think you can buy it at the store now but not when I used it. I saw people in the Olympics wearing it too. I thought it was crazy but after PT, cortisone injections every 3 months & surgery, I was like "yeah, you can try some tape on me!". Then we progressed slowly to more stretches/exercises. Anyway she listens to you & takes it easy when that's what is needed & I swear...from God's lips to her fingertips!!! I will never forget her & what she did for me :)

  4. I will have to look into Kinesio tape and am filing her name away too! When I went to camp last week, I talked to the pediatric Rheumatologist for a while. He told me to start taking Aleve twice a day too as a NSAID to make the inflammation go down. Knock on wood, it's starting to feel better, but I also hadn't been standing and moving as much as I was today! I'm heading out for a run now... just a couple miles, but I need some fresh air and Vitamin D!


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