BS (Balance and Stress)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The school year kicked off with students on Tuesday. My 100ish sophomores, juniors, and seniors paraded through my classroom introducing themselves to me and asking questions about everything (What do we do in here? When do we get to do something fun? What time is lunch? Are you any fun? The list goes on...). So far, so good. I have really great classes this year and I think first trimester will invoke a lot of thoughtful discussion and hard work from my students. At least, I hope. 

My stress level, however, I'm not entirely optimistic about. My back and shoulders feel like someone has surgically implanted a ton of knots in them on purpose. I'm exhausted in the evenings (I forgot how hard it is to be peppy around high school students all day). And, I've been extra emotional due to lack of sleep and the magnificent weight on my shoulders (I take teaching the youth of America pretty seriously!). Case in point, the other night, I attempted to have ice cream for dinner, and when Dan pointed out to me that it wasn't the most nutritionally sound meal, I lost it and cried like a baby. Yeah, that's STRESS talking, people! Additionally, we had a semi-frustrating union meeting on Friday, and learned that with the new teacher evaluation model the state of Indiana has come up with, it could essentially ensure that teachers in our state never get a raise again. So, there's that.

And then there's the whole issue of balance. I know I've written about this a lot, so I won't go into a lot of detail. But between school, a couple of writing gigs in the works, spending time with Dan, my family, and friends, and just trying to stay on top of life, it has been a long and exhausting week. I feel like a lot of the people I'm closest to are going through some really tough things right now, and I just hope I'm doing enough to support them. 

The shining light in all of this is that it's a beautiful day today, I've barely been sitting still between school and work outs, I got in some decent runs without too much bursitis hip pain, and I have 100ish really great students that I'm getting to know. (On that note, I miss my morning crew from last year so much, and hope you're all settling in well at college!!!) It's a good life... even with all the stress. :) 


  1. It is a good life even with the stress. You are very wise! Wishing you a stress free week. Get an appointment with Teresa ASAP, maybe she can works those knots out. Love you!

  2. Sounds like a massage is in order for sure! Glad you have a good group of kids to work with. Hip not too bad, that's awesome too! Ice cream may not be the most nutritious item you could pick up but sometimes it's just "needed" lol!

    On a different topic, I think I'm only going to have 3 more really long runs before the October marathon. We are supposed to go away for Labor day weekend & I won't be able to do an 18-20 mile run, the next weekend we have a wedding in Kentucky so that boots another long one. I'm just rearranging my schedule & losing a couple 13 milers & pushing for loooonnnggg ones on the weekends I can run them instead. My legs are pretty sore from my 17 miles yesterday. Disney is gonna kill me!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  3. I think you're right, ladies! A massage is most definitely in order!

    I'm planning a mediumish run tomorrow, so hopefully the hip continues to feel okay! I want to be back to 100%, but don't want to push it.

    Three long runs! SO exciting! I commend you for running 17 miles -- it would take me all day at this point! You can TOTALLY do Disney! Look at all you've accomplished so far! You got this! ;)

  4. Good luck on your run - hope the hip cooperates & feels wonderful! You are smart not to push it.

    Disney is a scary thing but I want it! According to their website, we'll see how it goes in 142 days!!! Goofy is 90% full and I bet it might finish filling up fast now :)


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