Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I have to be honest. I think Henry David Thoreau was on to something with this whole idea of simplicity. Lately, I've felt like I've been running around non-stop. There have been lots of celebrations this summer (graduations, weddings, trips, etc.). There have been lots of opportunities to see friends (lunches, dinners, coffees, shopping). And, of course, there's been a ton of other things to do (home repairs (tons of them right now, unfortunately), yard work, running, teaching Jazzercise classes, etc.). And then, there's the driving. OH the driving. Since early June, I've put almost 4,000 miles on my car. And I'm not driving to and from work every day, so, that's a lot of other miles! 

What this all boils down to is I think I need to try to simplify. Some days, I feel like I'm just cramming things in, filling every minute so I can cross things off the proverbial list. It makes for a very go-go-go lifestyle. Therefore, I'm looking for simplicity. 

I'm not necessarily sure how to go about simplifying. I've started simplifying stuff, namely, my closet. I have a TON of clothes. Why? Because I essentially wear the same sizes I wore in high school (not complaining!), which means I rarely get rid of things because they don't fit. But, if I wore it when I was 16, chances are, I shouldn't be wearing it now. So, I've started there. When one new item comes in, two old items go out. For now, it's making me feel like I'm at least partially simplifying (and, you know, I like that I can drop off goodies at Goodwill). 

Other than that, I'm totally open to simplifying suggestions! What do you do to simplify when things are going haywire? School starts in just a few weeks, and I'd like to feel a little simpler by then. :) 


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