Recommendation? Rest.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For the past, oh, I don't know, long time, my right hip has been hurting me. I've been doing every stretch imaginable for my IT band, hip flexors, and glutes, all to no avail. So, finally, today, I went to see one of my favorite people in LaPorte for a massage. Teresa is AWESOME. She can find every single knot and make it go away. In general, I love massages, but specifically, I like to get them because they make my body feel better. I find my arthritic joints and sore muscles do much better when they get to relax every now and again. 

Anyway, off I went today to see Teresa. I was explaining to her how my hip has almost felt gravelly lately... like I can feel it grinding when I walk, let alone do other things. I asked what she thought I could do. Our conversation went something like this:

Angela: Is there anything I can do to help my hip feel back to normal?
Teresa: Are you running a lot? 
Angela: Define a lot. 
Teresa: You could rest. 
Angela: Define rest. 
Teresa: Rest. Like, no running for a bit. 
Angela: Define a bit. 
Teresa: Maybe a week? Just to see if it gets better. 


This is NOT what I wanted to do during my last weeks of summer, when it's much easier to get in runs at cooler temperatures (like, you know, 70s in the morning instead of 90s in the afternoons). For about half of my drive home, I honestly contemplated pushing through two more weeks and THEN taking a week off to rest. But I'm honestly afraid if I push it, my hip will feel worse. Plus, there are a few fall races I want to get in on and I don't want to be sidelined then when the weather is cooler.

Sigh again. 

So, I'm attempting to come up with a back up plan. I teach Jazzercise for an hour and a half tomorrow (hey, Teresa said no RUNNING, not no exercise). I'm also wondering how some pool running might make it feel. Maybe running in the water would be okay? Thoughts? Teresa also recommended Epsom salt baths to help with inflammation. Think I could kill two birds with one stone and just make a giant Epsom salt swimming pool to run in? 


  1. How much are you running a week right now? Longest run? Consistency? Last coaching question, does it hurt all the time or just during weight bearing exercise?

  2. Pool running/exercise can sometimes really help since it takes the weight off the joint. You can always try & if it hurts don't do it. You could try riding a bike or elliptical & just see what doesn't hurt. And, you can always try the good old "rest" & see what happens...lol. Hopefully my rest is almost over - 2 more days and then I have a lot of work to do.

  3. Love it, Coach Nicole! Right now, I'm averaging about 15 a week, my longest run is usually 5-6 with 3 runs of varying shorter mileage during the rest of the week (plus Jazzercise). It doesn't hurt all the time, but it does hurt beyond when I'm just working out (sometimes in the morning when I get up, etc.). Thoughts?

    Sherry, I think I'm going to hit a pool on Thursday morning to see what happens. I do have an elliptical and I might get on there soon too. Isn't it crazy how we feel when we can't run? I honestly feel guilty... which is incredibly silly!

  4. I'm glad you are resting. Most likely this did not develop overnight, so I wouldn't expect it to disappear in two days. Ice will help with in inflammation. If it's not bone, then you should be fine with taking a week off. If the pain persists, and it seems more like a bone issue, then I would see a sports medicine doc. Water running works best if you have a life jacket. Don't make the mistake that so many of us have made over the years by pushing through an injury. It never ends well. Be smart, listen to your body, and relinquish guilt. Running is a great joy, but it shouldn't make you feel guilty if you can't get a run in. Sad, but never guilty :)

  5. Thanks, Coach! I had an appointment with my Rheumatologist yesterday... she thinks it could be bursitis! She's given me some stretches but said if it's not better soon, we'll get a sports medicine doc involved. I'm trying not to feel guilty about resting... I just feel like a better version of me when I'm working out, ya know? I'm enjoying trying new things, though, in the process!


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