Listen to your heart... err, body

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

After a lovely five miler yesterday, I figured I would wake up this morning to only 66 degrees, and head out for a few miles of speed work. WRONG. I woke up this morning to a pain in my @$$... literally. 

Okay, okay, to be fair, it's more of a pain in my right hip. But it's close enough, and I liked the wordplay. A few days ago, my right hip started talking to me. It said, "Angela, I'm mad at you, and therefore will hurt and pop at will." Just walking around the house this morning, it was clear that while I was eager to go, my hip needed a rest day. 

Instead, I followed my gut, called my mom, and went to her house for a 40 minute walk. It was nice to get in a little bit of exercise with one of my favorite ladies, and was a great way to kick off our girls' day together. Other things we did today? Got mini makeovers at Camellia Cosmestics, had lunch, went to see "What to Expect When You're Expecting", ran errands, and, of course, stopped at Ritter's from some frozen custard. 

Today was a good reminder that it really is best to listen to what my body is saying. Yes, I wanted to work out. I wanted to push myself today so I could feel really accomplished and strong (especially since the heat and humidity the past few weeks has been such a butt kicker). But rest is important too, and sometimes it really is the best thing we can do for our bodies. 


  1. Had a great day with my favorite girl! Thanks for an awesome time. Hope your hip feels better soon. xoxo

  2. Awwww...great time with your mom! She's a very important lady (VIL) which is higher up the ladder than a (VIP) just so you know!! Good choice on your part, and you know how I know this. I'm still fighting this stupid toe thing and hanging on by the skin of my teeth...wonder just how much skin is on teeth anyway??? I'm trying another 4 miler tomorrow. I swear I will run in my socks if I can't tolerate a shoe on it. The other foot is still trying to recover from the raw blister so it cannot tolerate bare skin on pavement. "I am chasing my dream" or maybe chasing my tail? I just didn't know it would be this complicated but I am committed. If it keeps going like this, I might be literally committed by all my family & friends :( Don't you ditch me! lol

  3. So, did you end up running with one shoe and one sock on? That would be a sight to see! You keep chasing that dream... once these obstacles are out of the way, you'll reach your goal! And even if you're committed, we'll still be friends! :)

  4. No, I ran with both shoes on & made it, painful, but I made it. If I have to do socks I will ditch both shoes so I'm not running unlevel. Don't want to throw my back out of whack along with my other issues. I'm sure running in socks would be a sight too but I don't care...this training has to happen come heck or high water! I've already been told many times by many people that I am crazy - just haven't been locked up yet. That's why I love you - friends no matter what...hahaha!


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