July 4th

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I love, love, love the 4th of July. It's another one of those holidays that focuses on family, friends, and food, three of my favorite things! 

Because of the insanely intense heat, I haven't gotten in as much running as I'd hoped lately. I'm lacking motivation and the heat only contributes to that. So, I was excited yesterday to Jazzercise in the LaPorte County Parade. When I woke up yesterday, it was 79 degrees. Like it or not, I knew it was going to be a hot and sweaty work out. 

The parade always provides fun. After I get over my initial fear of Jazzercising down Lincolnway in front of students and coworkers in spandex, I really enjoy getting to see friends, and this year, family! My parents came to the parade for the first time this year (poor parents! so hot!)! I got to see them as we rounded the corner, which was awesome! Dan came with me to be one of our water boys. God love him, the man had a smile on his face the whole time. Lucky, lucky girl. Thankfully, because of great water boys and girls and a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd, we all safely made it to the end of the route. 

Afterward, I felt tired/drunk. Do you know this feeling? You haven't been drinking, but you're SO hot and tired you feel like you're a train wreck. I started chugging water while Dan drove us to showers and food. We cleaned up, put food in our bellies, and headed up to Michigan to visit Dan's friends and their new pool. It felt AWESOME to get in the water after a hot, hot morning and it's always nice to spend time with friends. 

Then came the BEST part of the day! We met up with my parents and drove to the marina to go out on Dan's parents' boat. It was parents meet parents day! It was awesome to see four of the most important people in our lives get to know one another. As expected, they hit it off, calming Dan's fear of what-if-they-hate-each-other-and-they're-stuck-on-a-boat-together. I'm pretty sure our parents are incapable of hating anyone, but what do I know? :) Anyway, the boat ride was fantastic as we were finally able to cool off a little and watching the St. Joe fireworks from Lake Michigan was amazing. It was an all around really wonderful day. 

I'm paying for yesterday today, as I'm exhausted and sore. But, it was totally worth it to be able to do all we did. So excited for the rest of the summer! :) 


  1. Sooo glad you are having such a good time! I'm not sure how your summer could get any better :)

    Yesterday we went to Ohio to Lake Erie to stay with my brother inlaw on his boat & fish for Walleye. We headed out on the lake & smoke was coming from the back so we headed back in. Engine is bad so no fishing. We stayed overnight & came home.

    I think Wednesday was my last run. My hips still hate me, I still have the raw spot of what used to be a blister on the right & the left big toe kills me when I run :( I'm wondering if it's gout (never had it). I had no injury to it so I don't know what else could cause it to hurt so bad. Not making any good progress for my marathon training. Might have to break down & see a doc if this keeps up. I'm not going to try any runs until Monday. If it's still bad I'm going in!!!

    Looks like a little break in the heat wave. I hate being cold so I try not to whine when it's hot.

  2. Gout! I have a friend who has it in her hip, and I know it's a giant pain in the butt for her! How was your run today? I'm crossing my fingers that it went better and you feel good!

    Stupid toenails! I'm writing a blog about mine today... two months after my last half, I lost another one!

    I got in five miles this morning -- I welcome this heat relief with open arms! If it cooled down even a little bit more, that'd be even better! I'm with you... the cold is miserable, but when it's this hot, it's pretty miserable too.

  3. Well, I made it for 4 miles with my toe hurting all the way! I'm probably going to have to get looked at soon :( My blister spot is better though :)

    5 miles is great! A little break in the heat was great. I went through the attatched garage & pushed the button to open the door & thought "this is really nice"!


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