Hippy hippy ache

Friday, July 13, 2012

Greetings on this lovely (read: HOT) Friday the 13th. I've never been one for superstitions (we had a black cat growing up, for crying out loud). But, my last checks from Northern Indiana Lakes Magazine arrived today... it seems somewhat poetic that the magazines last communication came on a day so many consider to be unlucky. 

In other unlucky news, my hip still hurts. A bunch. I can't tell if it's muscle or joint or both or neither. I'm on a steady regiment of stretching, strengthening, and icing. I'm hoping one of those three things will help the ache factor come down. 

Today's summer bucket list item was to take a look at my finances. Upon using a retirement calculator, I've found out I'm $16,000 behind on where I should be. Well. Crap. So, the rest of the afternoon will be spent with Suze Orman's "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke". I know, I know, I lead an exciting life in the summer. :) 


  1. You should add some Advil to your hip regimen!!

  2. This is a weird day to get your last magazine checks...hmmm.

    I do Ibuprofen but I know you have JRA so may not be good for you & whatever you already take. Hope it's better soon. It sucks running through pain but sucks even more to not run at all because of pain!

    Finances & retirement are depressing...I try not to look, lol. Hubby says we're working til we're dead so I figured why bother? I'm not sure you should be in physical pain & put yourself in mental pain at the same time. Maybe you could choose something else from the bucket - like an ice cream treat or chocolate or peanut butter!!!

  3. I agree with Sherry. She is very wise! Peanut butter sounds like a plan. See you for dinner. XOXO

  4. So smart, ladies! Cassie, I added Aleve, but I probably should be taking it consistently for it to really count!

    Sherry, I've been stuffing myself on peanut butter, Nutella, and sweets. Why am I craving so many sweets lately?! I need to be good the next few weeks... I'm the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding on the 28th, and the dress fits like a glove... or tighter than a glove! No room for weight gain there! I'm really jonesing for that day of nothing from the bucket list, though, so we'll see if we can work that in this week!

    Great dinner, mom!

  5. Did Mom make you something peanut butter?

  6. Peanut butter, no. But chocolate pie, pineapple angel food cake, and an entire meal too! So yummy!

  7. Sounds really good. Ummm...you better stay away from Momma til after that wedding...lol! Or, see if Momma can let your seams out a little :)

    Got in 5 miles today. This dogged toe hurts when I run. Geez, can it just be done already? Yeah, I know, should have seen a doc while I was on vacation :( But then what would I whine about? Oh yeah, the hips & the other toe...you know...the one with the black toenail that has vowed to never come off! How's your hip doing?

    Hope you have a great day!

  8. Good for you for getting your five in! I'm aiming for five tomorrow morning, but the LOW is 79 and I don't do so well in the heat, so we'll see how that goes! Hope my hip behaves (and hope your toes and hips shape up for you -- what are they thinking?!)!


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