End of some eras

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This morning, I got an email from my editor at Northern Indiana LAKES Magazine. As of the June 2012 issue, the magazine ceases to exist as our publishing company has pulled the plug on our publication. It's sad, on many levels, but perhaps most sad because this has been a freelance job I've held almost since college graduation, and since the very first issue of the magazine debuted. It truly is the end an era. I've written pieces on everything from restaurants to town profiles to clearing homes of clutter. I've written about unique colleges, triathlons, and the best farmer's market stands in Northern Indiana. I've written features on summer camps, landscaping, and what college freshmen need to take with them to school. It's been an entertaining ride... one in which I've learned so much about freelancing, writing, and the Indiana/Michigan/Illinois life. I'm sad to see the magazine go. I'm sad that I can no longer call myself a freelance writer. And I'm left wondering if finding a new freelance gig is the right move for me or not. I'm not sure where to look, but I don't think I want my published work to cease... not yet, anyway. 

Ironically, the way I got hooked up with the magazine was through my dear friend and former Arthritis Foundation director Beth. Beth was friends with the inaugural editor-in-chief of the magazine and got us in touch. We hit it off and I started work on the magazine immediately, day one, issue one. And this brings me to yet another era that has ended for me in 2012. 

Since my diagnosis with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2000, I've been active with the Arthritis Foundation. I loved working with the Foundation to plan events like the annual Notre Dame Tailgate and Silent Auction fundraiser, raise funds for the walk, help educate others, and, especially, work with other youths who had been diagnosed. But earlier this year, Beth was pushed out, the annual Arthritis Walk which has become a staple in my month of May was canceled, and not a peep has been heard from the Indianapolis office since. It's sad to see an organization that is so necessary go by the wayside due to politicking, but, for now, it has in South Bend. To be honest, I'm not sure I would want to work with the organization again as the way others still involved with the organization have handled things have been poor, at best (and, it's not the same without Beth -- her support and love for those she worked with is immeasurable). But, it feels like another end of an era. 

And now for a moment of contemplation... 

...I haven't decided yet if the proverbial death of two of my activities is necessarily a bad thing. I have forever tried to cram in all sorts of activities -- teaching, Jazzercise, seeing friends, being a good daughter, volunteering with a couple of different organizations, seeing my fantastic boyfriend, advising our student newspaper, going to school events, and, of course, training and running various races. In a strange way, this might actually be a blessing in disguise, as it might allow me a little down time (or, more than likely, allows me more time to do more of those other activities I already do). 

Hmph. Further contemplation required, methinks. 


  1. Bummer :( You know they say everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you look back & see it and other times I'm not sure you ever know why. Sounds like more time thinking things over is needed. Don't forget you are on summer break so no stressing :)

    I wondered what happened to the arthritis walk. I saw it was cancelled but nothing much said about it. It's really sad things like this happen to organizations that could be so useful. I really don't like politics.

  2. You're right, Sherry. I keep thinking that there's a reason for this -- whether it's to bring me to new opportunities or help me free up some time or what. Time will tell... but I'm not stressing while it all falls into place!

    Yeah, I was NOT happy about the Arthritis Walk. It's tough because of course I still want to raise money and support the organization, but it's so sad that events are going by the wayside... as far as I know, there's still no director in place. Beth was truly the best at her job, so I know she'll be fine. Again, we'll see what happens, but at least I can support the national office (if not the Indiana office!).

    While I write this response, I'm sitting sideways on an ice pack for me right hip. Maybe this morning's run wasn't a great idea? Weird!

  3. I hope it ends up being for a good reason :)

    Put your support where you feel good about it & people will benefit. Another runner friend ran for Y-Me breast cancer fund raising & they just shut their doors. I don't know what's going on.

    What's up with the hip?

  4. So weird! I wonder what's going on with the non-profits these days.

    I wish I knew what was up with the hip. It's just sore. I can't tell if it's muscle or joint, which is annoying. I've been stretching, strengthening, and icing... one of the three has to work, right?

  5. Hopefully one of those 3 will work...we try to keep the 4 letter word (rest) out of the picture! Hopefully it will respond quickly.

    I got in my 11 miles today. Toe pretty painful still but I made it. I'm trying really hard to get my miles in this week & next because I have to take a week off after surgery :( I can't afford too much downtime so I really hope I'm good after that.

  6. Okay, let's put a positive spin on this... your surgery means you HAVE to take a rest week which means it'll be a week for your body to heal up and you'll be feeling 100% again when it comes time to get back to training! Huh, huh? Like that positive spin? ;)

  7. Yeah, I like it!!! Hope it holds :)


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