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Monday, July 16, 2012

After a wonderful weekend, I'm feeling the adverse effects of FAR too much fun. Let me take you through the weekend in eats. Friday, my mom made a giant dinner for some of our friends. There were two main dishes, about a hundred side dishes, and three desserts. THREE. Naturally, I had all three. On Saturday, the day started off with normal eats, but then I went to grad parties and there was so much to choose from! Naturally, I had small tastes of everything. AND cake. Saturday night, I went out with my friend Krissi where I made the stupid decision to purchase TWO 32 ounce Summer Shandies (they were only $3 each!) and consume 1.5 of them. I thought Sunday would be better, but after lunch at my parents' (oh, hi more pie!), a birthday party, and an outing with the coworkers, I can safely say while what I ate was delicious, it wasn't all that healthy. 

So, this morning, I taught Jazzercise and then I did personal training with Janet for 30 minutes. Let me tell you, that woman doesn't mess around. I think my arms have finally stopped shaking. But while I was sitting in a wall squat lifting a heavy medicine ball above my head, I started thinking how one weekend of eating way too much junk is SO not worth it. 

My dear friend Annie is getting married on Friday in Indy and my best friend Shannon is getting married on Saturday the 28th. I'd like to look my very best in my dresses, so the next two weeks = clean eating weeks. 

Clean eating, you ask? It's simple. Nothing artificial. Nothing super processed. If it's fake, I don't get to eat it. I like clean eating because of it's simplicity. Is it real food? You get to eat it! Is it total fake crap? You do not get to eat it. It's just a way to focus on healthy foods for a few weeks instead of figuring out how many times I can have ice cream every day. 

A few years ago, I did clean eating for the month of November. It was tough, especially since most grab and go things are NOT clean. It was also tough because I like things like Diet Coke, sugar, and more sugar. But, in that month, I lost weight, I lost bloat, and I felt like a million bucks. 

If you've never heard of it, check it out and see what you think: 


  1. Ugggg...you are so right. I get up everyday & say I'm going to eat clean & before lunch I'm being naughty :( I know it's not worth it, clothes don't fit well, I don't like what I see & don't feel great either, but, I do it anyway??? Wishing you the best on your next 2 weeks! I'll check out your links :)

  2. Okay, okay, if I'm being honest and accountable... I didn't eat clean at dinner! My aunt is in town and we took her out for her birthday. Needless to say, a margarita and eight bites of cheesecake are NOT on the clean eating plan! But, I did well the rest of the day, so I'll take it! I'm meeting a friend at Panera for lunch tomorrow... I need to figure out which salads I can eat cleanly before I go!

    We can cheer each other on with the healthy eating! I could use a cheerleader (or someone to hold me accountable!)!

  3. Well...it takes time to make this big adjustment! At least you didn't have 3 desserts :) My idea of clean is not the "real" clean...I'm thinking no chips & nerds & junk. More fruits/veggies/yogurt/lowfat string cheese. We do eat frozen dinners & some boxed stuff so if I want dinner I'll have to keep some of those. What I mentioned cutting out above would make a huge difference for me.

    I might need more than a cheerleader, more like a cheersquad! Let's giv it a shot & see what we can do :)

  4. I might need a cheersquad too! I'm hanging in there right now... but about an hour ago, I wanted ice cream SO MUCH! I blame the heat. Stupid, stupid heat. :)

    I agree though -- just cutting out the junk and upping the healthy stuff is great in my book! I'm trying to remember that it's smart to put healthy things in my body... but those unhealthy things taste so great!

  5. I've done decent ... so far! Why don't we crave cucumbers/tomatoes/carrots???

  6. My pregnant friend went through a phase where all she wanted were tons of crunchy vegetables and vinegar. I can safely say I've never craved any of those things (then again, I've never been pregnant either!)!

  7. The wheels broke on my wagon...I fell off! Didn't take long did it?

  8. I hear you, sister! I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs, trying to keep myself out of anything peanut butter or chocolate related in the kitchen... which is five feet away. :)


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