Another one bites the dust

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Monday! I woke up today to 63 degrees outside and was THRILLED that the massive heat wave we've been having has broken a bit. By the time I got done running my five miles, it was 73, but I'll still take it! Today is the first time in almost a month that I've run more than 4 miles. Maybe it was finally feeling like I could breathe again while running. Maybe it was a vain attempt to work off the massive amount of cake/treats/bbq foods I've been eating lately. Maybe it was my delicious packet of peanut butter GU. Regardless, I got in five good miles and feel pretty great! 

In other news... yesterday, I lost another toenail. This is odd to me on many levels. For one, I'm now getting used to these things randomly happening to my toes. For two, I ran my last half over two months ago. I got out of the shower yesterday and noticed it was wiggling a bit. Upon further inspection, it became clear that it was not going to stick around. Miraculously, upon clipping it off, there was a brand new fully grown nail waiting for me! Hooray! Furthermore, the thick disgusting nail is gone, leaving me with only 1.5 more odd toenails. I have semi-normal feet again! 

I think I may be hitting that "boring" point of summer... mostly because I have just composed an entire paragraph about a toenail falling off. :)  


  1. A little cooldown is awesome. I know what you mean about the extra treats. I tell the girls I need to run 10 miles per day to keep up with what I want to eat. Unfortunately my body won't tolerate that running schedule! Peanut butter GU? Not sure what I think about that. Seems like it would make you thirsty?

    Great for you that nail finally got off & you have a brand new one :) Mine went black after the 5-19 half marathon and it is still hanging on :( Stupid ugly nail just won't give it up!!!

  2. Agreed! If I could work in about 100 extra miles a week, then I'd be golden on what I eat! The PB GU was actually pretty good! It's not creamy -- it's still gel like, and probably a little sweeter then it is nuttier. I ate it before I left... not sure I would use it during long runs, but it was a nice switch up!

    Well, if your nail is anything like mine, you've got about three more weeks until it lets go! Who knew that nails would be so tricky?!

  3. Wonder how we can get out bodies too comply??? I don't think I'm gonna try any PB GU! Really long runs are weird...sometimes just the sight of something makes you want to hurl! My only marathon I saw someone running in sweatpants & sweatshirt & it was warm & made me want to hurl. On a 20 mile hot training run I was less than a block from home & saw someone mowing grass on the other side of the street & the thought of the heat/dirt/dust made me want to hurl...weird. Wierd in the fact that neither thing directly affected me - I Just saw it & that's all it took.

    If I'd be guaranteed my nail would be gone in 3 more weeks I'd be greatful! I'll keep you posted.

    16 days unti my surgery but who's counting? EEEEK!!!

  4. I think we might just have to trick our bodies into doing what we want them to do. Think it'll work? Totally hear you on the wanting to hurl thing. There's an awesome greasy spoon restaurant by my house, but every time it's warm and I run by it, the smell of fried food makes me queasy!

    Okay, so, 15 more days until your surgery and 20 more days til your nail falls off (hopefully!). I still have one black one hanging on... I'd be thrilled if it goes soon, as I have two weddings in the next three weeks, and would like cute toes for me shoes!

  5. I don't know. I've been trying to trick mine forever and I'm not sure who's winning. There's a cookie plant I run by. Normally the smell of cookies baking is a good thing but not early in the a.m. before breakfast & running. This one doesn't make me sick but not what I want to smell.

    That last black toenail for sure needs to go before the wedding...don't want to ruin the entire outfit...lol


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