Summer Part I

Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh, hi. It's been a busy week! I've been spending a lot of time at school working with my students on a newspaper for the Door Village Festival taking place later this summer. Reason #147 my kids are rockstars: They're willing to come in on their summer vacation to do something they're not getting graded on or paid for. My kids = rockstars. I've also been busy teaching Jazzercise classes, lunching and dinnering with friends, planning for Dan's birthday, and trying to knock things off the Bucket List. 

I made a meal in the crock pot today that Dan and I will have for dinner tonight (the four month anniversary of our first date!). I'm unsure about it, but we'll see. Regardless, it's my meal for the week, so I can cross that off the bucket list. I also managed to clean out my closet today (I didn't purge as much as I wanted, but a lot still fits, so it's hard to justify!). I spent some time with Jenna today while the kids were gone with her mom. So nice to catch up with her and talk about baby #3 on the way! I've done some of the other small stuff on the list, but need to knock off some of those big ticket items soon. Maybe next week I'll be motivated to move furniture, hang picture frames and sconces, and start looking in to trips and races!

I got in a four mile run yesterday, and did some speed work. With 90+ degrees on tap through at least July 4, I'm just not sure when I can get a long run in. It's hot, people! At least I can count the LaPorte County 4th of July parade as a strenuous work out for the week! ;)


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