Perfect summer days

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the heat so you can get out to the beach/lay by a pool/sweat more than you've ever sweat before, but to me, yesterday and today are perfect summer days. I love waking up to a little chill in the air through open bedroom windows, sipping coffee on the deck in my pajamas, and opening up the whole house to let the winter ick air out of it. I love when the sun is out and the birds are chirping and the temperature only warms to mid-70s. I love that I can wear jeans and a tank top and be comfortable in the sun, shade, indoors, outdoors, and anywhere in between. These are perfect summer days. 

This morning, I ran 8 miles. It was the most I've run since the Indy mini, but I felt like I needed to do it to challenge myself. Even though I don't have any big races on the calendar, I also don't want to lose my mileage. Plus, since my college roommate and best friend, Teresa, has started her marathon training, I have to keep reminding myself that if she will be running 26 miles IN A ROW, I should be able to go out and put in 8 (especially since I'll be running the last 6 miles of the Chicago Marathon with her!). 

Running is so odd, and as I've often pointed out in posts, a giant metaphor for life. One minute, I can be cruising along, feeling unstoppable. The next minute, it's a struggle to put one foot in front of the other to make it up a hill or past a particularly treacherous part of the road (read: when there's a dead animal I don't want to make eye contact with). I don't know if running ever really gets "easy" because I feel like once it does, runners strive to run faster, put in more miles, or take on a new challenge, making it difficult yet again. That's the nature of the beast, I suppose... once you achieve a goal, you have to come up with a new one to pursue. 

What I do know is with a schedule that has become much clearer, and days like today, this summer is off to a wonderful, perfect start. 


  1. We have surely had some perfect summer days. Love grabbing my purse & out the door with no extra garb to stay warm.

    Keeping up your mileage is a great idea. It's hard when you slough off & then decide to get at it again with longer miles...ask me how I know this...lol. Last year was like that for me.

    How do you run the last 6 miles with someone doing a marathon? Just curious, but then, maybe I shouldn't ask!

    Hoping your summer stays perfect the whole way :)

  2. Agreed -- I feel like I have to keep up my mileage right now... otherwise, I'll get really lazy. :)

    I guess the Chicago Marathon allows runners to have someone come in at 20 miles and cut out at 26 (the last .2, they're on their own!). I'm excited to be part of a marathon... but think this is the best way for me to participate in one! :)

  3. Don't get too lazy, you'll regret it!

    I never heard of a marathon letting people do that. I've only done one marathon so I wouldn't be the most knowledgeable :) Jumping in for 6 to encourage a friend along is great. If you ever get to do a full marathon, it is awesome...and a whole lot of other words I won't bother writing on here, lol!


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