My hatred of humidity

Monday, June 18, 2012

If there was any doubt, today's heat makes it abundantly clear that summer is here. It's HOT, people. And it's also really humid. 

I despise humidity. It's probably the weather I most hate (well, okay, maybe a close second to freezing cold snow temps). But, I don't hate humidity because of what it does to my hair (although, that's an unfortunate side effect). I hate the humidity because of how it makes my body feel. 

For whatever reason (and truthfully, I don't know what it is), humidity makes my arthritis rear its ugly head. My joints ache. My head throbs. And my poor body seems unable to acclimate to the humidity, making things semi-miserable. I feel worn down and punky, for lack of better word. 

The worst part of it, though, is that humidity also seems to bring out the grumps in me. I blame this on my tight shoulders and neck cutting off happiness to my brain. Things just hurt. And it's hard to not let them. 

So, I do what everyone else with this disease does -- I take my medication, try to get extra rest, and enjoy all those days that don't make my body tense up. I run the AC when needed, and ask anyone near me to push on my shoulders until the stress knots relax. And I laugh a lot... because, why not? Oh, and moments like this tend to help too: 
Hello, lovely Lake Michigan.
Also, happy belated Father's Day, all! Dan and I spent the morning at breakfast and movie watching with poppa Saoud and then headed up to St. Joe to have dinner and some boat time with the Putt family. It was a perfect Father's Day, as I think we both got pretty great dads. 


  1. Hoping the humidity goes down so your joints will be happy :) I had to laugh reading your post, I keep telling you we must be twins - I had a grumpy day too! Don't really know why. My leg still hurts & hinders my running so that's probably one good reason. I keep worrying about this stupid lump in my neck & it will be over a month before I find out anything. ***Pssst...the whining has started***. I don't think the humidity had any effect on me, as far as I went all day was to our attatched gagage...lol!

    Sounds like you had a good weekend :) Where do the Putt's keep their boat? We've had one on Lake Michigan for the last 5 years. We were at Pier 33 then moved to Eagle Point after the 1st grandbaby. We decided to take a year off & our boat is sitting next to the house. That 5K I do for the boy with Progeria in September starts downtown St. Joseph by the carousel...hoping you might make that one this year!

    Feel better!!!

  2. Well, if we both had grumpy days, that means we're due for great ones today, right? :) I'm still convinced that everyone needs a good case of the whines now and again... so maybe it's good we got it all out!

    Dan's parents keep their boat at Pier 1000 in Benton Harbor. It was so cool to get out on the lake -- I'd never been on a big lake before! And it was fun to see it through the eyes of his nephew!

    Definitely up for the 5K in September! I'm going to look today to see what other races I can find around here. I need to get something on the calendar so I stay motivated!

    Hope today is a great one for you!

  3. I hope it's all out...haha. Got delayed on my morning run. That was a mistake. Really hot/windy/humid, did I already mention humid? Only 3 miles and felt like slug.

    I think one of our friend's have their boat at Pier 1000. Dave/Judy...last name???

    Be sure and post if you find some interesting races around here. It's hard to do anything more than a 5k in this heat!


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