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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13.1 Princess! 
Last week in the mail, I received an AWESOME gift from my runner friend Sherry. While cruising around online, she found this pretty perfect car sticker  for me. Naturally, if you're going to put the 13.1 sticker on the car, it's best to represent the Princess Half Marathon with it, isn't it? Sherry rocks for so many reasons, but this gift made my week! 

Today I went to Metro Run and Walk to get new shoes. The girl helping me was a 2011 SMC English Writing grad (thank you, SMC ring, for the tip off!), so we ended up chatting about Saint Mary's English professors as I also explained my shoe issues. She said she thinks I might actually be gripping down with my toes which could be why only my middle toes are affected. She put me in some sweet new Mizuno shoes and tied them a different way to give me more room in the toe box, just in case I AM pulling my toes up when I run. 

After a little more chatting about senior comps and finding the peanut butter GU, I paid for my new purchases and headed out. I teach Jazzercise tomorrow, but am hoping to get in a few miles in the morning to see how they feel. I think I'll rotate shoes for a bit to get used to them. 

A week from today, Dan and I take off for our summer vacation getaway! Traverse City and Mackinac, here we come! :D



  1. So glad you liked your decal :) Did you get to try out the new shoes? I'm doing a long run tomorrow. How long? Depends how long my legs hold up...lol! I think it's going to be hot so I'll probably do a lot of repeat loops around my house/neighborhood so I can get water and not have to carry it.

  2. I did four miles in the new shoes and really like them! The toes felt happy, so, we'll see when I get in to upper mileage. I also got new Jazzercise shoes in the mail yesterday, so new shoes all around to see if we can work out this problem!

    I saw that you did five miles yesterday -- five miles is still five miles! I'm proud of you for doing it! I just checked outside to see if a run was possible... SO humid and rainy. I think that means it's a different activity today!

    Happy weekend (and Father's Day) to you!

  3. Sound like the new shoes are awesome :) Something new is a good motivator to get out there too.

    A 15 miler was on my schedule but the leg wasn't gonna let that happen. If I was in a race I would have pushed it but it was just a training run so I let it go. My next race is 10-20-12 so I have time...just hope it hurries up so I can do what I want.

    I actually don't mind running in the rain as long as it's not a really hard rain so I can't see, or lightening - that's a little scary!

    I think today is a rest day for me. Hanging wih hubby trying to make his day special! I think the babies are coming later to spend the night.

    Have a great one!


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