Race preparation

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I realize that this is probably totally normal, but I feel like a total stress cadet when I prepare for half marathons. It started earlier this week when I made a list of things to take JUST for race day. The list is TWENTY ONE ITEMS LONG. Then, I started compulsively checking the weather reports for Indianapolis (oh, hello humidity and heat). 

On Wednesday, I got the first little nervous/excited stomach. That was a great moment. 

And last night, I started carbo loading. Ohhhh the carbo loading... it is a funny thing to have to overeat a lot of carbs. According to a calculator I found online, I should be eating about 400 grams of carbs a day today and tomorrow. 

I thought about counting carbs today, but I didn't. For me, counting is something I just don't want to do anymore. Years ago, I used to count my calories every day. (I know this works for some people as an effective dieting tool -- I'm not saying it's not good, it's just not for me.) I didn't realize at the time how obsessive it was to do, but I would literally make a list every day of calories I'd consumed. It was something I thought about a lot -- what I had eaten that day, how many more calories I could consume, if I had enough calories left to splurge. So now that I've totally gotten away from that, I don't care to really count the carbs to make sure I'm getting enough. 

Basically everything I ate today was carbs in one form or another. And tomorrow will hold much of the same. I think I'm doing a better job with it this time, but I suppose I'll see if it helped on Saturday. 

Now, it's off to pack my 21 items for race day, plus all the other stuff I'm going to need. So incredibly excited to take off tomorrow afternoon with Dan to go meet my friends in Indy!

Indy Half Marathon, bring it on! 


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