Indy running thoughts

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Indy is just three point five short days away at this point, and there are oh-so-many thoughts running through my head. 

For starters, in the car this morning, I got the nervous-excited stomach feeling. The thought of running 13.1 miles in just a few days is nerve-wracking, but it's also really exciting to take on this challenge. It's nice to be feeling that anticipation because up to this point I'd been feeling sort of apathetic about this race. 

Things I'm worried about:
-The weather. It's looking like it's going to be WARM. That's going to make for some HOT miles.
-Running my best race. The training is done, at this point. I just hope it was enough this time around.
-Beating my PR. I mean, finishing this race is going to be a triumph, but it would be AWESOME to finish with a better time than February. Then again, after training for six months straight, I'm sort of over all the running. 
-Seeing my support. In Disney, I was lucky enough to see my parents twice. I'm worried that Indy won't net me even a glimpse at Dan, and I know I'm really going to need it. 

Things I'm excited about: 
-Seeing so many of my friends finish this amazing accomplishment together.
-As Sherry would say, bling. 
-The post-race hug from my wonderful supporter. 
-The post-race blubbering. 
-The post-race meal. :) 


  1. Wish we could be there with you! You will be fabulous! We will watch the updates! Your someone special will be there to greet you when you finish. :) Run baby run!!

  2. I'm glad you'll be with me in spirit, momma! Love you tons!


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